CBI investigation on Pravish’s case is a mystery: Joykishan


IMPHAL | Dec 27 : Bharatiya Janata Party has its majority in Uttar Pradesh, Centre and in the state but the investigation progress of the mysterious dead of Pravish Chanam is still a mystery stated MLA K. Joykishan during a press conference held today at the residence of Pravish Chanam, Uripok Achom Leikai.

Joykishan claimed that BJP proved the value of one simple BJP member is more than the live of entire north eastern state. The dead of Pravish has already passed for more than three months and the government is still silent to give a positive response to the public, he added.

He said Pravish was found missing from a musical concert cite on September 8 and found dead on the next day and he was cremated by authority of Dr. BR Ambedkar hospital in Noida as unclaimed body. Congress party was in silence in the issue as people might misguide the party that Congress party is doing for earning political mileage by supporting the issue. But Congress cannot stay in silence as the state failed to bring a positive result on Pravish case, he added.

The murder case of Pradyuman Thakur, who reads in class two at Ryan International School in Gurugram, Haryana was solved within two weeks by CBI but the dead of Pravish is still in mystery though CBI had handle the case. When incident occurred in mainland India the Centre solve the case immediately but in the case of north eastern states, even CBI bother less, Joykishan claimed.

He further said the missing case of Taorem Bitoo, resident of Thangmeiband Polem Leikai is another mystery which remains unsolved by the government. Intelligence of the Centre has many specialists but still no one had able to nab the culprit of the mystery dead of Pravish and Bitoo. There is a suspect that BJP have involved with the culprits, Joykishan alleged.

Bitoo has been missing after he went out for an evening walk in Delhi on September 13.

The state should bring a positive response within the end of the first week of January next year. If the state fails to take necessary action within the deadline, Congress party will take intense action by consulting with All India Congress Committee immediately, Joykishan added.

Joykishan said state NSUI unit is also ready to support the issue in other to bring justice for Pravish and Bitoo. Opposition party will take initiatives to bring justice for the mysterious dead of Pravish and Bitoo as that the ruling party failed to bring justice till now, Joykishan asserted.

Father of Pravish, Ch. Jugindro appealed all the political parties, civil society organisations and other student’s organisation to co-operate in order to find out the culprits involve in the case.

Source: Imphal Free Press


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