Nine more captive breeding successful at Iroisemba Zoo


IMPHAL | Dec 23 : Manipur Zoological Garden (MZG) has witnessed yet again successful breeding of nine of its Zoo animals.

An official statement released by the MZG, there were 9 (nine) births such as Manipur Brow Antler Deer (Sangai), Hog deer (Kharsa), Spotted deer, Sambar (Sajal), Barking deer, Purple swamphen during the month of October to December.

While the mothers are protective of their babies and secretive in hiding its babies from strangers, the young ones are now out of its hiding place and are actively exploring their exhibits, it said.

Sufficient roosting place/bedding were provided for the breeding species and dietary habits were improvised as per the animal requirements, it said.

Infant development is being closely monitored and their dietary needs by a team of Veterinary unit as per guidelines of Central Zoo Authority, Ministry of Forest, Environment & Climate Change, Government of Manipur, it continued.

With particular reference to ungulates, the survival rate of the new born is 75%, validating the fact that the ungulates can be bred successfully in the Manipur Zoological Garden, Iroisemba, the released claimed.

It further informed that MZG, Iroisemba also received 5 Days old Barking deer from Tengnoupal District handed over by one Sh. Ngamkhulal Mate and team of Tengnoupal Range Office. The barking deer was abandoned by its mother in the wild. The rescued baby barking deer was given neonatal intensive care and hand reared with formulated milk by a team of Veterinary unit and dedicated animal attendants. Now, the baby barking deer is a healthy two month old calf.

The office of Directorate of Vety. & A.H. Services has rendered a praiseworthy cooperation in examining the health of Zoo animals and giving feedback for better management of zoo in the health care sector. The Zoo authority also received 3 month old barking deer from Kangpokpi Forest Division officials.

Source: Imphal Free Press


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