No threat to Manipur from FA, assures PM

Photo Courtesy: Imphal Free Press

Imphal, Dec 28: The delegation of leaders of civil society organizations from the state that has been camping in Delhi for the last couple of weeks to lobby its stand on the framework agreement between the Centre and the NSCN-IM met with Prime Minister Narendra Modi this noon and presented its position on the matter during a meeting which lasted around 15 minutes. The leaders lauded the prime minister for what it described as the latter’s apt understanding of the prevailing state of affairs in the state.

In a press release issued by the CSOs, a memorandum was submitted to the prime minister along with a figurine of Kanglasha and a leiyum phi.

During the meeting the state’s delegation reportedly told the prime minister that despite repeated assurances from leaders of the Union government including Narendra Modi himself that the territorial integrity of the state will not be compromised, enough apprehension has been created in the mind of the public due to the negative assertions from different circles on the issues and the failure of the Centre to reveal the true content of the frame work agreement.

The prime minister asked the delegation to identify the party that is causing such apprehension. If the Centre has been creating such apprehension, he told the delegation, there is no need for its continuation as it has never made any public statement about such intention. In such circumstances, there is no cause for alarm, Narendra Modi reportedly told the delegation and appealed to the latter to stop paying attention to false rumors.
When the government is ready to make an official position on the issue it will definitely come out with a statement at the right juncture. The centre has kept its doors wide open for suggestion from the side of the CSOs from Manipur as well and it will entertain all suggestions, he said urging the members of the delegation to forward their opinions accordingly.

The delegation told the prime minister that it will not be acceptable to any stand which could lead to disintegration of Manipur in the far future even if the Centre announces measures to counter such situation in the immediate future.

Modi said a viable solution for bringing peace and tranquility in the state is ensuring its economic development, reminding that Manipur is one of the least economically developed states in the northeast region, and soothed the delegation to return home without any worry.

Source: Imphal Times


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