State should not endorse imposition of AFSPA for security reason


IMPHAL | Dec 10 : “Manipur government should not endorse imposition of AFSPA in the name of bringing peace and security rather they should have courage and urged central government for withdrawing of the draconian law”, said Phulindro Konsam, coordinator Apunba Lup.

Phulindro Konsam, was speaking as one of the speaker during the observance of International Human Rights Day held under the theme of ‘Lets stand up for equality, justice and human dignity’ at Gandhi Memorial Hall Imphal.

Phulindro, observed that the universal declaration on human rights and similar rights enshrined in the Indian constitution to safeguard our rights will be meaningless in the state of Manipur unless the draconian act like AFSPA continue to prevail.

He compared AFSPA with Armed forces (special powers) ordinance 1942 promulgated by the British to suppress the ‘Quit India movement’.

He contended that no justice is achieved in any cases related to violation of human rights under the guise of AFSPA.

“We cannot compromise any cases like torture, rape, murder, fake encounter with compensation. Appropriate legal actions should be taken up against culprit at any cost. And justice should be given without consuming much time because justice delay is justice deny”, he said.

The Apunba Lup convener further condemned the further extension of Disturbed Area status in some part of Manipur.

He observed that the MoU signed between the state and various companies in the North East Development summit during the Sangai Festival will only lead to exploitation of our natural sources of Manipur.

Recalling all the rights violation that has been taking place since 1980, Sunil Karam, coordinator of the Working Committee of the Apunba Lup (WCAL) shared some of his views in his key note address.

The United nation had insisted Government of India for the withdrawal of this AFSPA yet the latter remains silent till today, he said.

Joy Chingkham Coordinator of APUNBA LUP was also the presidium member of today’s observation ceremony.

The observation ceremony was organised by WCAL and all the representatives of civil society organisations attended.

The gathering unanimously affirmed that, “Despite implementation of several laws for the protection of human rights by the United Nation General Assembly in the world and similar law are mentioned in part III of Indian constitution yet there is a gross violation of human rights in Manipur due to the enforcement of Arms forces Special Act (AFSPA) 1958.”

The CSOs attended during the event have expressed their opinion against the act of India Union in their role in signing the merger agreement which led to the formation of insurgencies, and subsequent imposition of AFSPA.

Source: Imphal Free Press


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