UNC chief makes clarion call to strengthen Naga cause


IMPHAL | Dec 6 : United Naga Council (UNC) president Gaidon Kamei, has called on the Naga frontal organisations, tribe leaders, politicians etc to strengthen the Naga cause during advent Christmas celebration organised by the Naga body at Ramrei village (Lamlai Khunou) Kamjong district.

The UNC today organised advent Christmas for showing their appreciation to various frontal organisations, tribe leaders, Hohos etc for their contribution for the Naga cause.

“We have organised this programme to show our appreaction to various frontal organizations, tribe leaders, Hohos etc their sacrifices and contributions”, he said.

People of hills particularly the leaders were deprived of their rights to celebrate Christmas as a result of the communal politics of the previous government, he continued.

“Naga leaders raised their voice and vehemently opposed the communal politics of government by resorting to agitations for the interest of the Nagas”, asserted the UNC president.

He further appealed to the leaders to not forget the commitment and confidence shown towards the Nagas.

Leaders of 16 Naga tribes of Manipur, villagers of Ramrei, civil body, ADC members of leaders etc attended celebration.

Veteran politician, BD. Behring, vice president of Naga Hoho, Samson Remei, president Zeliangrong Baudi, Athon Abonmei, president TNL, Weapon Zimmik were amongst the leaders present during the celebration.

Source: Imphal Free Press


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