Woman determined to adopt abandoned baby


THOUBAL | Dec 23 : The new born baby girl believed to have been abandoned near Sangaiyumpham Nungfou Kabarstan under Thoubal district and currently being treated at District Hospital Thoubal is being sought for adoption by Sofia, wife of Md Tajuddin (Manipur Rifles), a childless housewife.

Sofia is determined on adopting the baby.

Not letting the baby girl away from her arms and pleading that she be allowed to take possession of the little child as her own true born daughter, Sofia has not taken a single step outside the hospital so far.

What comes as heart rending is that she expressed she is prepared to commit suicide if the baby is not given to her.

As words reached that the baby is being looked after by a woman from Sangaiyumfam Nungfou Bazar at the District Hospital Thoubal as if she was the infant’s own mother, a team of reporters went there personally to meet her.

She further expressed that she is looking after the baby as if she was her own flesh and blood. The baby was first discovered by her brother in law, Md Azad Khan. She has been with the child from the moment she got hold of her. However, the workers of Child Welfare Committee (CWC) came over and took the baby from her possession. However, she has not let go away of the child so far.

In order to adopt the baby as per rules set by the existing laws, her husband is seeing the concerned officials in order to get all the required paper works done. Only one essential paper is left to be completed, she said. Even after the completion of the all the required paper works, Specialist Adoption Agency (SAA) will keep the custody of the child for two months to complete the formalities. However, she is under no condition to part with the baby for two months.

Under these conditions, she has appealed the concerned authorities of the government not to take the baby girl away from her.

People from her locality said that the women had been married for eight years. However, she has not been able to have her own child. They expressed their wish that the baby should be given to her.

Source: Imphal Free Press


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