In the process of making change- Manipur


With exception to few, majority of the people of the state hopes for a better, developed, self sustain and peaceful and prosperous year. People in the government especially the Chief Minister and his cabinet colleagues showed their enthusiasm in bringing a change-Manipur. The last nine months witnessed many innovative programmes being taken up to bring change by those in the government. Leftover unsolved problems by the last regime were settled and the communication gap which created misunderstanding between various ethnic communities of the state has been bridged in the short span. The fear psychosis of enjoying evening life after hard day works has been eradicated by introducing night life in every weekend, and endless measures to make the Imphal city free from pollution by garbage is seen taken up.  The good needs to be appreciated while those still needed to be taken up needs to be closely watch and media have every reason to pin-point and criticized for the delay. Like those in the government hoping for a change Manipur, media too is a platform of people who also wanted a change Manipur.

New Year begins yesterday, and wishes from the entire top level government functionary showed their aspiration to serve the state for a better, developed and prosperous society.

After nine months in power, it can be expected that those running the government could now have every details of those government servant who are paid for converting into action, the ideas of those running the government. Some among the bureaucrat officers are the best among the best and the government need to utilize the skill of these bureaucrats in converting the ideas of the government into action by not giving them any political interference.

If a government employee fails to rectify the proposal it is time that those in the government to have no mercy for them.

There are many, still left to be streamline. Among them is the failure to maintain proper traffic regulations.

Some people blame both the public and the traffic regulation enforcers for the mess, but when those enforcing agency fails to make the people follow the regulation, why is the need for spending so much money as salary for them. But then those enforcers of traffic regulation are also reported to be helpless as there are no appropriate laws to handle the situation. The question to the government is whether they have a transport policy and for how much year. If not then how the people in the traffic management section act effectively to control the situation happening in the state, particularly in Imphal West and Imphal East district.

When it comes to people, we have seen many of them following rules when they drive at metropolitan city like New Delhi or any other places including cities at various countries across the globe, they follow the traffic regulations. When the same comes to Imphal they don’t bother to follow the rules. Why?

It is simple; they are not being forced to follow the rules. So, it will be definitely wrong to blame the public as it is the enforcers that should compel them to follow the regulation.

Almost every people of the state knows that our Chief Minister N. Biren Singh have great desires for smooth flow of traffic in the city. He had once posted at social networking site facebook about his eagerness to make people follow the rules after seeing the smooth flow of traffic at Yangoon. And we hope our chief Minister find a way to end the traffic mess by utilizing the wisdom of those people paid for the service.

Imphal Times Editorial


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