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JCILPS asks Assab Udin to stay away from mass verification drive

IMPHAL | Jan 20 : JCILPS has warned MLA Assab Udin from interfering in the mass verification drive undertaken by the state police to check the entry of illegal immigrants into Manipur.

A release from JCILPS stated that in the wake of the Rohingya crisis happening in Myanmar, there had been an influx of illegal immigrants crossing into Manipur from Assam, and many social organisations along with the state police force had been striving hard to check the menace.

The mass verification drive along the Barak River circle has yielded positive results and so far more than 1500 illegal immigrants and fake voters has been identified which is an indicator of success, it added.

The release further alleged that mass verification drive is suspected to have met with a hindrance by Assab Udin asking the state police to halt the drive. If the case happens to be true then the JCILPS would start a public agitation, for which the MLA should bear all responsibilities.

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