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Karam Shyam donates Rs. 3 lakhs to Pallel Maring village

Karam ShyamIMPHAL | Jan 7

CAF&PD, revenue, relief & rehabilitation minister Karam Shyam today donated Rs. 3 Lakhs in cash to the chairman and president of Laiching Maipou Maring Khul, Pallel at his residence at Lilong Chajing Mairenkhong to support their cause for cleanliness in their village comprising a population of about 600 people and 90 houses by constructing sanitary latrines and washrooms.

The minister was impressed by the strict maintenance of their ingenious culture, civilised lifestyle, hospitability and warm reception at an earlier recent visit at the village in last year Christmas.

“It is quite striking to learn from them that not a single elected leader has set their footprints here 65-66 years post Independence”, he said.

He also convinced the gathering that he strongly supported CM Biren’s active task of bridging the gap amongst the different communities of the State and dedicatedly endorsing a sense of unity and integration.

He also shared his view that it would be unwise if any party member does or speak anything that will incite violence, jealousy, hatred and communalism and break the spirit of brotherhood and bonding amongst the different communal groups just to gain personal popularity or boost party image.

As regards his own AC Langthabal, minister Karam Shyam assured that developmental projects regarding construction of road and railways are still in the pipeline with a target to implement 80-90 % of them within a few years.

The village chiefs of Laiching Maipou Maring Khul presented local-made head gear and other traditional crafts along with pumpkins to the minister and his party workers.

Expressing happiness over the welfare activities undertaken by the new BJP-led government for the Maring community, village secretary, Kh Leirung said that it is indeed a good step for promoting their cultural and traditional identity and developing bonding with the rest of the state.

Village chief S Leiyupa; secretary, Kh Leirung;pastor T Podang and club president, Ch Amshi were present during the interaction.

Source : IFP



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