Manipur Maoist boycotts Republic Day


IT News

Imphal, Jan 22: Maoist Communist Party Manipur has boycotted the Republic Day Celebration schedule on January 26 terming the celebration meaningless as people of the region were not delivered justice. In a statement, the Manipur Maoist said that for over 10 years, those responsible to the killing of Thangjam Monorama. Many victims similar to Monorama were also yet to deliver justice. When justice is denied it is meaningless to celebrate the Republic day, the statement said.

It said that people are still yet to see those drug-mafias punished and the poor people of the state are denied from getting their share of PDS item. When things went on this way what is the meaning of celebrating the Republic Day? The Manipur Maoist asked. The statement however said that without peoples’ support calling of boycott is no use and the outfit appealed people to boycott the Republic day.


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