Nungba CHC’s OT converted into store room


IMPHAL, Jan 5: The operation theatre of Nungba Community Health Centre (CHC) has been converted into a store room while only one dental surgeon remains stationed at the CHC out of eight doctors posted at the CHC.
Speaking to a team of media persons who made a spot assessment of the CHC yesterday, Nungba Area JAC president Jasper Kamei said that they may be compelled to launch different modes of agitation if the Government does not take up necessary measures at the earliest to address the CHC’s sorry state of affairs.
Dental surgeon Dr James Barium who was found at the CHC when the media team reached there said that two doctors take care of the CHC each day under a roster system.
Even as Dr James maintained that two doctors would come that day, no other doctor could be seen till 2 pm.
There are Ultrasound as well as X-Ray machines at the CHC but there are no staff to handle them.
Most of the rooms/wards of the CHC were found leaky.
OPD hours extend from 9 am to 4 pm. Even though their numbers vary, patients come to the OPD every single day but there are no doctors to attend to them.
One woman delivered a baby at the CHC yesterday but without any gynaecologist. Doctors are sent to the CHC but they went back after staying there only for a few days.
It is not known whether doctors who went away purportedly to undergo training courses have returned or not but they have not come back to the CHC.
A number of medical tests are said to be offered free of cost at the CHC but it is not clear whether these facilities are actually available or not.
Even though Dr James Barium has been working at the CHC for eight years, he maintained that he did not have any clear idea about the number and details of doctors posted there.
Jasper Kamei said that they carried out protest agitation in September last year urging the concerned authorities to address the CHC’s sorry state of affairs.
In response, the Health Directorate sent 10 doctors to the CHC. After this, no other remedial measures were taken up.
Moreover, the 10 doctors have also gone away, Jasper said.
Nungba Youth Organisation president Thuiliang Kamei appealed to the Chief Minister to provide a special economic package for the newly created Noney district just as he did for different hill districts.
Nungba tribal market has been inaugurated but people don’t feel safe to open any stall inside the market as there was no quality control in the process of constructing it, Thuiliang said while appealing to the Government to construct the market anew.
He also demanded necessary infrastructure for Nungba Government High School which was upgraded to the level of a higher secondary school in 2016.

Source : The Sangai Express


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