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Politics should be fuelled by nationalism: N Biren

N Biren SinghIMPHAL, Jan 14: Chief Minister N Biren has categorically stated that politicians should have a fair sense of nationalism.
Politicians who do not have sense of nationalism would not be successful and they would not be able to govern a State, Biren asserted while speaking at a prize distribution ceremony of a State level essay writing competition on the theme ‘Life and Contributions of Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya towards Nationalism’.

The general understanding that a political party which is in power for 10/15 years cannot retain power due to anti-incumbency factor has been rejected in Gujarat. People there see anti-incumbency factor as an alibi for the lazy and incompetent parties, Biren said while addressing the gathering held at BJP Manipur Pradesh office here today.
There was BJP Government in Gujarat for 20 years and the same party was re-elected to power recently.
There is no such thing as anti-incumbency as long as the Government works sincerely for the welfare of public and goes hand in hand with citizens. People will always support such a Government, Biren asserted.
The coalition Government led by BJP which is about to complete one year in office would never go against the wishes of people. A Government can survive only when it acts in accordance to the wishes and aspirations of people.
BJP workers should meet each and every person living in both the hills and valley of the State and spread the Prime Minister’s ideology of Sab Ki Sath, Sab Ki Vikas and BJP president’s ideology of One India which were conceptualised by Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya.
Earlier, majority of the people did not know about Pandit Deendayal Upa-dhyaya. Nonetheless, with the establishment of BJP-led NDA Government at the Centre, people have started understanding the life of Pandit Deendayal and his contributions to the Nation, Biren asserted.
Apart from National leaders, people of the State need to understand the works and ideologies of leaders and kings who made outstanding contributions for the development of Manipur.
He also underscored the importance of propagating the ideologies and visions of different leaders of the State to the present and future generations.

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