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Prepaid Electricity Consumers Appeal

JIRIBAM | Jan 25 : Electricity consumers are facing inconveniences while trying to recharge their pre paid accounts at the electricity department located at Dibong Khunou.

The officials of electricity department are allegedly making a business out of electricity services by privately keeping an agent at Jiribam bazaar that handles customers and collects extra money for a recharge, though no such additional charges are taken while recharging from the department itself. Concerned authorities are requested to draw their attention to the matter.

On the other hand, the department officials have expressed that the inconveniences are caused as they are trying to collect the customers’ previous dues which existed prior to installing pre-paid meters. While recharging, ID numbers are submitted to the recharge section, who in turn gives back a token which has the number and name of the customer. The token is further forwarded to the bill section that handles old bills, to check if the particular consumer had previous dues or not. If the consumer has dues, then he will be allowed to recharge his prepaid account only after clearing of the dues. This has caused inconveniences to the customers who are made to wait for a longer time, as the officials undergo the process of checking the dues.

It has been appealed to the concerned authorities to look into the matter and provide an alternative means of checking the dues to remedy the problems faced by the customers.

Source: Imphal Free Press



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