‘No dustbin no shop license” policy, no use

dustbin imphal market
‘No dustbin no shop license” policy, no use. Photo – IFP

IMPHAL | Feb 3 : The flagship policy of ‘No dustbin No shop license’ meant to keep the Imphal municipality areas clean and tidy announced by municipal administration, housing and urban development (MAHUD) minister Shyamkumar to be implemented from the first day of this year has not been complied with.

The minister made the announcement on December 26 at the products launching and awards distribution function of SP Group Private Limited at Classic Grande in Imphal.

He had said starting from the first day of this year all the shops in all the Imphal municipal areas needed to procure licence and it will be compulsory for all the shops to use dustbins.

IFP found only 15-20 shops with dustbins among about 160 shops along the stretch from Ima Market Number 2 to MG Avenue junction. Most of the shops that keep their own dustbins were snacks and tea shops, cosmetic dealers and medicine stores.

Despite making the policy mandatory most of the shop owners are not aware about it. Many do not take the matter very seriously as the concerned authority has not taken up any stringent action to implement the policy effectively.

A shop keeper who does not have dustbin at his shop opined that if the government implements the policy with proper set of plans by circulating order with strict imposition most of the shops will surely abide by the order.

But there are also some shop owners who think that keeping the surrounding areas of Khwairamband market clean not only lies in the hands of the government, but also lies in the hands of the people.

One of the salesmen, who sells cosmetic items from the last 14 years said, “It is not the first time that the government had ordered keeping dustbin in very shop. I do have the interest of keeping the environment neat and tidy. That is the reason why I keep dustbin even before the implementation of the policy.”

He said comparing the present condition of Khwairamband market with some years back, it is getting much cleaner. “If people consider this market as their own home Khwairamband market may be included under the list of cleanest places of India,” he added.

Shyamkumar on November 24 during his inspection in Imphal city market areas to check shopkeepers occupying fothpaths warned the shopkeepers of legal action if the footpaths were not cleared.

This inspection came after his repeated appeal to the shopkeepers in the market to cooperate with the government to help keep the Imphal city clean.
However, one can see wares being piled up along the footpaths in front of shops everyday.

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