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Young entrepreneur find ways to recycle plastic and e-waste

Debeshwar Irom
Proprietor of M/S Debchand Plastic Industry, Debeshwar Irom

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Imphal, May 12 : When the state government authority is organising various programme for management of plastic and electronic waste, a young entrepreneur from Patsoi area have already find ways to recycle the waste and have been successfully running an industry by providing jobs to as many as 15 persons. The Plastic industry however face difficulties in selling the recycled plastic granule due to lack of buyers in the state which is being use for black topping and purposes besides, failure to get support and co-ordination from MAHUD due to administrative jurisdiction cover up.
M/S Debchand Plastic Industry located at Patsoi Part 4 in Imphal West have set up all machineries for scraping of plastic waste as well as electronic waste and have been earning income by producing pipe after recycling the  waste. As the Industry is located at Rural area which is beyond the jurisdiction of the MAHUD, the industry still have to find ways from other MAHUD like department  set up especially for Rural area to get assistance of any form like collecting of plastic waste or financial support.
Proprietor of the  M/S Debchand Plastic Industry, Debeshwar Irom, while talking to this writer said that after getting a loan from Allahabad Bank, he procured 2 Scrape Grinder machines which can scraped one ton of plastic waste per hour be each machine. He also procured one Hydraulic Compressor Machine which has the capacity of scrapping 400 kg of plastic bottles per hour.

Collected plastic waste materials ready to be recycled

As there are no buyers of the plastic granules recycled from the waste plastic, they procured 2 numbers of 100 mm Extruder Plastic Recycling Machine- which they produced Polythene Pipe.
“The income from selling the product manage to sustain our industry , but as we have to sent  many scrape waste plastic outside the state, we are not reaching the target”, Debeshwar said.
“Moreover we are facing problem in buying plastic waste from wreck pickers and NGOs like creed and others who are being engaged by the IMC for collecting garbage, as they do not co-operate us voluntarily, we are buying the plastic waste from Rs. 5 to Rs. 12 per Kg of waste plastic”, Debeshwar surprises this writer as the state authority especially the MAHUD and Environment department have been working out to find solution of the plastic waste since a very long time.
Recently the Chief Engineer of the MSRRDA, of the Govt. of Manipur during a press conference stated that lack of suppliers fails the department in using plastic granule in black topping.
Debeshwor is not the only person running plastic industry; there are around 3 plastic industries of the similar type which also faced the similar problem.
Talking to this writer yesterday over phone Chief Engineer of the MSRRDA said that now three firms had applied for supply of plastic granule needed for the black topping work. At least 5 kg of plastic granule is required for black topping of 1 cubic meter of road.
As there are many advantages of mixing plastic granule in road black topping work and as the MSSRDA also require supplier encouragement of the Plastic industrialists of the state is a much by providing all form of support from all related government department for expansion of the kind of business. As this industry is also one of the best solutions for cleaning of plastic waste from the soil of the state.
Plastic like Polyvinyl Chloride ( sanitary pipe , electric fitting plastic) however could not be recycled for use of black topping work , but then scrapping it to other purpose is not a problem if we have equipment , said Debeshwar.



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