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“Career Lift Ed-Tech” – Providing Technology Solutions for Educational Institutes

Education methods are continually developing with rapidly changing technology. Along with this advent in technology, educational institutes are shifting to modern methods from traditional methods. While traditional education methods are focused on subjective knowledge, modern methods concentrate more on practical approach of learning.
Increasing usage of electronic devices has changed the way of learning for students. Now, everything a student needs to learn is available on the internet. Along with the availability of information proper guidance from educators is also important. In this dynamic sector, gaining a competitive advantage over others becomes most important for institutes to retain or yield more students. Adapting to such a changing technology is the only way through which growth is possible.
Founder of Career Lift Mr Nitil Gupta says , “We, at Career Lift Ed-tech, are constantly trying to redefine the methods of education to help educational institutes stay ahead of changing trends in the sector. Our products are designed by educational experts with state of the art technology to provide best solutions to Educational Institutes.”
Our flagship product Edu-CMS, an education website, is designed as per the needs & requirements of Educational Institutes. For coaching institutes, we also offer customized Study Material, Educational Mobile App & Online Exam Platform. We prepare quality material with the best content by incorporating comprehensive research. Our course specific Study Materials are drafted by experts from IIT, IIM, CAs, Former Newspaper Editors and Lawyers.
Career Lift Learno for Schools has been designed by our experts to not only provide exam preparation but also give Career Information and Guidance to students. Mobile App enables schools to stay connected with administration, students and faculty while increasing mobility and accessibility. This app can be a very useful resource for students, providing them with Career information to help them make better choices and connect them to the right institutes.
We have designed Campus Recruitment Assistance platform for Colleges providing students career counselling, information related to tests conducted by various companies in India, information of various Colleges & Universities in various educational fields, in India & Abroad.
We also organize counselling sessions and seminars for these Educational Institutes.Our focus on Quality and Customer excellence has made us serve 2200+ clientele over the last five years.

For More information please contact
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