JTA staffs of MSPDCL to cease work, Electricity supply related works likely to be affected


IT News
Imphal, June 1 : 235 (two hundred thirty five) Junior Technical staffs (Contract), who have been working for line repairing of transformer related problems for supply of electricity by the Manipur State Public Distribution Corporation Limited (MSPDCL) today announced that they will cease work from tomorrow as the company QUESS which had been utilising them for the MSPDCL refuse to take risk in case of any accidental death or injury.
“Electricity line or transformer repairing work popularly called as ‘Line men’ are doing work risking their life, and those hiring us refuse to take the risk then how we are going to continue our service” , Swadeshkumar Singh contract staff said.
The problem occurred after the contract JTA employees were extended their service for only two months. Their engagement ends yesterday and following that the MSPDCL extended their contract for only two months that is June and July.
“QUESS”, the company which has been outsourced by the MSPDCL for the line repairing work and others said that two months extension is short and the company will face problem in rendering the service so requested the authority to extend more time.
An authority “QUESS” who is in charge of the state further informed the contract employees that until the MSPDCL extended the contract they can’t take risked until the higher authority of the company comes and talk with the MSPDCL which is arriving within 10 days. He further said that during the said 10 days he will not be able to take any risk as he is not the authority who can take decisions.
Talking to this reporter at Manipur Press Club JTA staff Swadeshkumar said that there were 318 JTA contract staffs. Some died in harness and some sustain injury. At present there are 235.
He further added that our honorarium is just Rs. 4980/ in addition with some TA but the service we provide is risky.
“Unless and until the authority takes the risk how can we continue our service, we are poor and have family. Any happening during our service will be a burden to our family if the authority don’t provide security”, Swadeshkumar added.
With the JTA staffs going to strike from tomorrow there is likely to face problem in the distribution of power in this ten days if the MSPDCL and QUESS fails to assure them to fulfil their demands.



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