Joint Statement: Condemn mob lynching in Manipur – Justice for Bogimayum Farooque


Condemn mob lynching in Manipur

Justice for Bogimayum Farooque

Joint statement

Dated, 14th September 2018

1. We, the undersigned, are shocked at the brutal murder of a youth Bogimayum Md. Farooque Khan (@ Furkan), by a cruel mob on 13th September, 2018, at Tharoijam village, Imphal West (Manipur). We are also shocked at the dereliction of duty by the police at the crime scene, who, instead of making timely response to admit Farooque to a nearby hospital for an urgent and adequate medical treatment, were involved in wasting time that amounted to letting the victim suffer for a prolonged time and reportedly die on the way.

2. Late Farooque (aged around 26) was the son of Bogimayum Nasib Ali and Phundreimayum Rahamjan of Lilong Houreibi Mayai Leikai, Imphal West. After achieving post-graduate degree in MBA from Karnataka College of Management in 2016, he had established a Bamboo Restaurant at Wangoi Bazar, Imphal. In the evening of 12th September, he had reportedly gone out of his home to visit a friend at Thoraijam village. Photo and video uploads on 13th September indicated that, while two of his associates had reportedly escaped, Farooque was probably fallen into the hands of a communally motivated mob at Tharoijam Awang Leikai under Patsoi Police Station. He was lynched on the basis of the allegation of an attempted robbery.

3. The Chief Minister of Manipur had condemned the incident. So far, Police had arrested some persons and investigation has been reportedly continuing. It is also being informed that the two associates of Farooque who had reportedly escaped would be brought under custody for fair investigation. This response is being seen positively by many. However, people are worried that justice could be either delayed or denied. Many voices are raising up demanding fair investigation and justice.

4. Contextually, mob violence and media-trial on the basis of frame-up charges have become a regular feature. There is either inadequate political will by the regimes in power or considerable amount of collapse of justice delivery system to redress this problem. The breakdown of law and order promotes a cultural milieu of commission of hate-crime with impunity. Many have been irreparably victimised by combined onslaught of such hate-crime, mob violence and media-trial. There is high risk of security threats and destructions to the lives and properties of persons belonging to the weaker or vulnerable or minority sections. It is high time that there is collective effort to redress the breakdown of law and order.

5. Against this backdrop we would like to register our strong protest against the culture of hate-crime in general and mob lynching in particular. We strongly condemn the incident of 12th September and place the following demands;

  • There should be fair investigation into the cases leading to the mob lynching of Bogimayum Md. Farooque.
  • Those persons who were directly involved in the mob lynching of Bogimayum Md. Farooque should be severely punished as per law.
  • Dismiss from service the policemen at the crime scene who were responsible for the dereliction of duty as cited above.
  • To fulfil the demands mentioned above and also to prevent mob lunching in any form by any section of the population; the Government of Manipur must strictly follow the Supreme Court Guidelines, vide, judgement dated 17th July 2018 against WRIT PETITION (CIVIL) NO. 754 OF 2016.

[ Statement drafted and list prepared by Campaign for Peace & Democracy (Manipur). Entry of endorsement began on 14th September morning and closed at 12: 50 AM of 17th September.]

Names representing either organisation or individuals are being organised alphabetically as follows:


Sl. No.                                 Full name                                                           Institution/ Organisation

1 Aabid Hussain Khullakpam Secretary, Manipuri Muslim Online Forum. President, Manipur Pradesh Youth Congress Committee, Lilong.
2 Abdul Aziz, Business Garments.
3 Abdul Hamid, Social Work Practice Educator- London, South Bank University, Senior Practitioner, SSFA London.
4 Abdul Majid, Indian Air Force.
5 Abiranjan Naorem, B.A. Kha-Manipur college Kakching.
6 Afjal Khan, Private Secretary to Chief Secretary, Manipur.
7 Aheibam Samananda Singh, Student.
8 Ajijur Rahman, Postgraduate Student, NIT, Manipur.
9 Akee Sorokhaibam, Imphal .
10 Alana Golmei, Founder, Director, Pann Nu Foundation.
11 Ali Sheikh, HUAST, China.
12 Andy Tourangbam Meitei, Filmmaker, Imphal.
13 Anil and Meetu from Chicago.
14 Arafat Hussain, Research Scholar, Zoology Department, University of Delhi.
15 Arif Ahamad, MA Sociology.
16 Asish Gupta, on behalf of Coordination of Democratic Rights Organisation.
17 Atingangambi Khuman Chanu, B.A. Philosophy, DMC ARTS, Imphal.
18 Banti Luwang Athokpam, Civil Engineer.
19 Basei Anish Khan Proprietor, Future Computer Learning Institution, Lilong Bazaar.
20 Basei Mayum Daulat President, ENSURE GATHER ORGANISATION.
21 Birbal Chingangbam, Director, Taret Foods.
22 Biswajit Mohapatra, Associate Professor, Politics and International Relations at North Eastern Hill University.
23 Biswajit Ningthouja, Technical Advisor, Renault Nisan India Pvt Ltd, Chennai
24 Bm Zakiul Haq, BA., Political Science, Manipur University
25 Bronson Khumukcham.
26 Bs Wasim Akram, Student of IGNOU
27 Ch Heefa shykh @harry, MA Adm.
28 Chaoba Phuritshabam, Advocate, New Delhi.
29 Corporal Rashid, Indian Air Force, Agra, UP.
30 Deben Bachaspatimayum, Co-convener, People’s Dialogue Initiatives (PDI).
31 Deepak Shijagurumayum, Photo Journalists.
32 Deetriya Nongmeikapam, Cabin senior, Qatar airways.
33 Dina Oinam, President, Women and Child Development Organisation
34 Dr Ameerul Shahni Hafiz, Hatta Minuthong.
35 Dr Amit Bhattacharyya, Former Professor, Jadavpur University, Kolkata.
36 Dr M S JAHANGIR, A Medical professional from BRAU, Muzaffarpur.
37 Dr Malem Ningthouja, Campaign for Peace & Democracy (Manipur).
38 Dr Md Islaur Rahman, RMO,Yashashri Multispeciality Hospital, Nanded, Maharashtra .
39 Dr Md Ziaul haque Hospital Rancagua, South America, Chile.
40 Dr Md. Anas, Dr. SNMC Jodhpur, Rajasthan.
41 Dr Nancy Mangsatabam, Civil servant.
42 Dr Priyo Thokchom, Imphal.
43 Dr Sachin Rajkumar, MBBS.
44 Epham Sarori Khan, Chairman, Nefsa Education Consultancy, I/E, Manipur.
45 Erendro Leichombam, Convenor, PRJA.
46 Ershad Komol, MBBS Monno Medical College.
47 Eurish L, Freelance Business Developer.
48 Farhan Khan, Student of Hindustan Kendra Vidyalaya
49 Farooque khan, B.E. Electrical, Deputy Manager in Power Dept. Govt. of Manipur.
50 Firdous Sheikh, Medical Student, RCMC
51 Firoze Alam Ahmed, Postgraduate, JNU.
52 Fisher Laishram, Co – Founder, Mobimp HQ, RIMS Road Imphal.
53 Fm Rijwan Khan S/O- Nijamuddin, Lilong Chingkham Makha.
54 George Haokip, Assistant professor, IGNTU.
55 Guneshor khwairakpam, Students, University of Delhi.
56 Hamid, Secy., Minuthong Hatta Social Welfare Union.
57 Haripriya Soibam, Indian Institute of Advanced Study.
58 Harun Yumkhaibam, Business of Hotel, Restaurant Items Supplier. Administrator, Al Hayat Intercontinental and Chinese Food Corner.
59 Heibam Samananda Singh, Student, New Delhi.
60 Heigrujam Nabashyam  Singjamei Supermarket Manaak  Imphal.
61 Herojit Irom, Imphal.
62 Herojit Wahengbam, Student of MA Public Administration.
63 Hijam Rajen, (RJSP) Vice President, UBO CONSULTANCY SERVICE, DELHI.
64 Himat Tampakmayum, Research scholar, Jamia Millia Islamia.
65 Hoipi Haokip yk college. Endorsed such violent mob lynching.
66 Ilyas Ahmed Sm,1 BA EJP, Alvas College, Karnataka.
67 Irom Ibungo. B Tech, New Delhi.
68 Iskander Jolbarisov Iskander Arslan, Translator, Redspark.
69 James Vaiphei Secretary Jt.HQ YVA (Young Vaiphei Association).
70 Jeimut Khangembam of Keishamthong.
71 Jennil Thiyam, Ph D Student, IIT Guwahati.
72 Jilur Rahman, 3D animator and game developer.
73 Junaid Sha, MBBS Student, ISM, BISHKEK.
74 K. Ram Kotesh, Retired Lecturer , Andhra Pradesh.
75 Kabir Hussain, LAH, Indian Navy, Vishakhapatnam.
76 Kalpana LaishrPam, Marketing Consultant, Bachat Bazar.
77 Kavita Krishnan, All India Progressive Women’s Association (AIPWA)
78 Keinoumayum Naushad, P&G Promoter, Vishal Mega Mart, Kakwa.
79 Keisham Donny Meitei, Project Co-ordinator, Paikhragani Urok.
80 Kh Sahid Ahamed, BE Civil (4th year), Vinayaka Missions University, Salem, TN.
81 Khangembam Babina Devi, Research Scholar, NIT, Manipur.
82 Khulakpam Safiqur Rahaman, MBBS Student at Kazakh National Medical University.
83 Khulakpam Tanveer, General Secretary(SECO) Socio Economic & Cultural Organisation.
84 Km Shameer, Private Science Teacher. President of the Educational Development Organisation, Hayellabuk, Manipur.
85 Koireng Aheibam, Assistant Professor, Manipur University.
86 Koko Lamkaang, Supervisor at Fusion YCS India.
87 Krispa Ningombam, Assistant Professor, Delhi University.
88 Kulajit Maisnam, Research Scholar, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai.
89 Kyamba Elangbam, Concerned student.
90 Lalginthang Khongsai, Ph. D Scholar, Manipur University.
91 Lanngamba Ningthoujam, Researcher, Carl Zeiss India Pvt Ltd., Bangalore.
92 Laishram Tiken, London, United Kingdom
93 Lem Madridista, Graduate student, Thoubal College, Manipur.
94 Lenin Chanam Assistant Teacher, Graduate NEHU, Concerned Citizen, Manipur.
95 Linda Kshetrimayim, Mumbai.
96 Lloris Alva, ALBAS, M. A (Master of tourism management), Manipal University, Sikkim.
97 Longjam Angana, Fashion Designer, Company-ANA&NIV.
98 Longjam Gopeshwor Singh Loan officer Leimarembi Finance.
99 M. Kutubuddin Shah, Administrator cum counsellor St. Stephens Higher Secondary School Dimapur, Nagaland – India.
100 Mahesh Luwang, New Delhi
101 Mahrili Mao, Civil Servant.
102 Makak Rojina, B.A., LLB (Hons.) in Criminology, Guwahati University.
103 Manik Samajdar, Bangladesh Bharat Pakistan People’s Forum.
104 Md Anash Khan, Postgraduate student, Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi.
105 Md farooque Ahmed, Proprietor of HALIMA, Medicos, Hatta.
106 MD Feroz Chisti, Chennai.
107 Md Ikram, MBBS Student, JNIMS.
108 Md Islaur Rahman, RMO, Yashashri multi-speciality Hospital. Vice President, Peace life Initiatives, Manipur.
109 Md Lukuman, Assistant Teacher at Kangla Ukok Memorial English School.
110 Md Rafiuddin, BA-Economics, Aligarh Muslim University.
111 Md Salman Khan, Lilong Haoreibi Turel Ahanbi, works at Defence Service.
112 Md Tajuddin, MBA from Millennium Institute of Management, Aurangabad.
113 Md Wasim, job Seeker, Imphal.
114 Md. Anash Khan, Postgraduate student, Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi.
115 Md. Areef Hussain, graduate, JNIMS, Imphal.
116 Md. Arif Ahmed, Mechanical Engineer JNTU, Hyderabad.
117 Md. Ataur Rahman, Indian Air Force, Leh.
118 Md. Iqbal Hussain, M. Sc., Physics (student), University of Delhi.
119 Md. Mansoor Ahmed, M. Sc. Zoology, Administrator, Y Academy Career Institute, Hatta.
120 Md. Rajaoddin, Thoubal.
121 Md. Samir Khan, B.A., Pol. Sc., University of Delhi.
122 Md. Sayed Ali, Primary Teacher under D.I. Lilong, ZONE-III, Thoubal, Manipur.
123 Md. Shah Jahan, Auditor O/O the Accountant General(Audit), Manipur.
124 Md. shakir Khan, LLM, Advocate, High Court of Manipur.
125 Md. Tamijur Rahman, Defence service.
126 Md. Zallaluddin Shah, Publisher, Ichel Express, Hafiz Hatta.
127 Md. Ziaur Rahman, Sub-Deputy Collector, Tulihal, Imphal East District, Manipur.
128 Md. Zuned Alam, B Sc. Chemistry (Honours) passed out from Lilong Haoreibi College.
129 Meghanath Ngangom, CEO, GISKAA.
130 Menson Khuman, Self employed, Kakwa.
131 Minhajuddin, State Force.
132 MM Saddam Hussain, Teacher, Dept. of Hindi Regulator, English High Madrassa, Lilong.
133 Mm Yasir Ahmed. Doing, Master degree in Public Administration (PA).
134 MN Sharif, Department of Defence, India.
135 Mohammad Daulad khan. Civil Engineer.
136 Mohammad Shakil Ahmed, Manipur.
137 Mohd Mahboob, Senior Chemistry Faculty, Sai Vikash Institute.
138 Mohd Nawaz, Administrator, The Public School Yairipok.
139 Moirangcha Gobin, MA Mass communication, Manipur University.
140 Momo Irengbam, Photographer.
141 MS Sameer Ahmed, Social Worker.
142 Mukhtar Hussain, Govt. employee, Power Department.
143 Mutum Jagatchandra Advance data analytics professional, TCS.
144 Mutum Michael Singh, Graduate, University of Delhi.
145 Nameirakpam Clinton Singh, Post Graduate, University of Delhi.
146 Nandita Narain, Associate Professor, St Stephen’s College, Delhi University.
147 Naorem Roji, Post Graduate, University of Delhi.
148 Naorem Roji, Postgraduate, University of Delhi.
149 Nelson Elangbam, Imphal.
150 Nepolean Okram, Graduate, University of Delhi.
151 Ngamkhohao Haokip, Ph. D. Principal Eklavya Model Hr Sec Residential School, Gamnom Sapormeina.
152 Ningomba Somorjit Singh, Research Scholar, Anthropology Department, University of Delhi.
153 Ningthoujam Budhagyan B.A Sociology. Chorus leirak, Lamboikhongnangkhong.
154 Nirmal Warepam, New Delhi, Sr. Quality Analyst, FIS Global Services Pvt LTD.
155 Nongmaithem Sophia, Research Scholar, Tezpur University, Assam.
156 Oinam Sanjita Devi, Graduate, University of Delhi.
157 Olivia Moirangthem , filmmaker.
158 Phusam Bobo Khan, Amity University, Jaipur.
159 Pinky Thokchom, Business Development Officer, NERCORMP/IFAD, Arunachal Pradesh.
160 Priti Laishram, Research scholar, University of Delhi.
161 Priyobata Irengbam, New Delhi.
162 Purnachandra Naorem, Manipur State Power Company Limited – MSPCL, Govt. of Manipur.
163 Rafi Shah, Asst. Prof., C.I. College, Bishnupur.
164 Rasid Bogi, Fishery Inspector, Govt. of Manipur.
165 Ratika Yumnam, National Youth President, NPP.
166 Ripin Philem, Social media in-charge, Manipur Pardesh Youth Congress Committee.
167 Riyaj, Administrator, Pinnacle Academy, Lilong Kaleikhong.
168 Riyash Mirza, A student of M.A Sociology.
169 Riyaz Hussain, Teacher Education (s), Govt. of Manipur.
170 Robert Naorem, Undergraduate, University of Delhi.
171 Robinson Sorokhaibam, Ghari Awang Leikai Imphal.
172 Romeo Naorem, Self employed, Yairipok.
173 Rukshana Ali, New Delhi.
174 Rukshana Ali, Staff, Pushpawati Singhania Hospital & Research Institute.
175 Sadananda Elangabam, Keishamthong, Imphal.
176 Safiqur Wangmayum, B. Tech, Engineering
177 Saira Banu, President cum Managing Director, Peace Foundation, Imphal, Manipur
178 Salim Al Sheikh from Thoubal.
179 Salman sheikh, MBA student, Pondicherry University.
180 Samsur Jaman, Assistant Professor, Jiri College, Manipur.
181 Sanjay Kangabam, Engineer, Gurgaon.
182 Sanjoy Asem, Sgt (Sergeant), Indian Air Force, Gandhinagar (Gujarat).
183 Santa Kshetrimayum, National Secretary at Construction Workers Federation of India.
184 Satish Khaidem, Advocate.
185 Sergeant Taslim , Indian Air Force, HQ TC Hebbal, Bangalore 06.
186 Sharif Khulakpam, B. Ed. Student, Kanan Devi Memorial College of Education.
187 Sheikh Safiullah, Lilong Dam; Office Assistant, Horticulture department, Manipur.
188 Shreema Ningombam, Assistant Professor, Manipur.
189 Sijagurumayum Sumit Sharma, Unemployed, Manipur.
190 Singamayum Ashif, M. Sc., Forestry, College of Horticulture and Forestry, Arunachal Pradesh, Central Agriculture University.
191 Singamayum Salman Khan, MA student, Political Science and Human Rights, IGN Tribal University.
192 Singamayum Umar ECE graduated from MIT IMPHAL.
193 Siraj Haidar, Specialist Librarian, Cracknell Dubai, UAE.
194 Sodia Thounaojam from Bangalore.
195 Somorendro Khangembam, Gen. Secy., European Manipuri Association, London.
196 Suchitra mayengbam BA student DMCARTs.
197 Sunil Maibam, Ex-President, MSAD.
198 Surjit Telem, Tis Hazari Court, New Delhi.
199 Suzania Brahmacharimayum, PhD scholar, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand.
200 Syed Tarique Aziz, Teacher, Pinnacle Academy.
201 Tajuddin Ahmed, Alumni association of IHM Guwahati.
202 Taniaa Sayana, Student (Lab Technician), at JNIMS Hospital.
203 Thangjam Sunil, Laboratory Technologist, National Heart Institute.
204 Thangtinlen Haokip, Member, Thadou Students Association (TSA).
205 Thangtinlen Haokip, Social worker, Political Science, Manipur University.
206 Thingnam Anne, Research Scholar, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.
207 Tomba Chungkham, Teacher, IBES.
208 Tripta Wahi, Retired History Professor, Hindu College, Delhi University.
209 Tuisem Ngakang, New Delhi.
210 Vishal Likmabam, Former Cultural Secretary, Manipur Students’ Association Delhi (2014-15).
211 Wahengbam Minerva.
212 Wahidur Rahaman, Assistant Sub Inspector, Border Security Force.
213 Wahidur Rahman, Ex-Director, All India Handloom FMCS Ltd, New Delhi. Chairman cum MD, Greenland Foundation.
214 Wahidur Rahman, Porompat PS
215 Wangmayum Mufidah, Student Nurse.
216 Wasim Akram Teacher, Bengoon Hr. Sec. School, Mayang Imphal,Wangoi, Zone I/W
217 Wasim Akram, Student Alvas college, Mangalore, Karnataka
218 Yahiya Khan Basei, Lilong Haoreibi Makha Leikai
219 Yambem Pauljit singh, M. Sc. Physics, North Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Technology, Nirjuli, AP.
220 Zakia Heibokmayum, University of Delhi.
221 Zakir Hussain, Founder Present, Pangal Student Organisation (P.S.O.) Manipur.
222 Zaurin Th, Senior Visualizer Wooqer
223 Zeinorin Stephen. Founder, Hill wild
224 Zulli Heibokmayum, Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi.




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