Phayeng Elders


Imphal: From Archive:

Phayeng elders presenting their traditional Meitei music on opening day of the five day long festival of traditional Manipuri music, 2005 at the Iboyaima Shumang Leela Complex, Palace Compound, Imphal.
Ph Santosh, Imphal. PTI.


  1. Phayeng is a small village in Imphal District of Manipur, one of the 29 Indian States of Manipur. It is located at a distance of 13 kms. from Imphal City via Iroishemba, Lamsang, Heibongpokpi and Lairenkabi.

    Most of the people of Phayeng to Lois/ Chakpa SC Community. People of this village are very simple and hardworking.

    The Village is surrounded by beautiful scenery including a Green Stretch of forests on the western side of the village.

    However, development activities/civic facilities of the village have been neglected by various successive Manipur Governments.

    There are 3 (Three) LP Schools, 1 M.E.School, 1 J.B. School, 4 High Schools including one Don Bosco School.

    Main occupation of the villagers are agriculture. However, many women folks are engaged in distilling of Country-made liqours (from rice). Distilling of wine has been the traditional occupation of the village women folks. Wine has also been associated with various religious activities.


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