Planned conspiracy to destroy indigenous Assamese people

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GUWAHATI, SEPT 6: A very poisonous polluting environment of rumors, at present, is prevailing in Asom with a view to hiding the actual truth, facts and figures of a certain issue. This has been done by the ruling section and their puppets who have developed nepotism and started corruptions in all govt. departments. Their vested interest is to debar people from taking part in agitations related to electioneering politics by detecting and deporting the illegal foreign immigrants and to diplomatically hide the dangerous force acting behind, during the process of preparation of NRC.
This was disclosed in an e-mail sent to local media by ULFA militant. It has been their planned conspiracy to destroy the very existence of the indigenous Assamese people and exploit the last natural resource by erecting mega dam on the tributaries of the Brahmaputra and thereby destroying the people’s resistance, blaming the agitating people of Asom as anti-development and is doing election politics.
They have been endeavoring to safeguard the Indian dominions by keeping the inter-state boundary dispute alive so long and trying to hide the role of main conspirator in creating ethnic and communal violence among the peace loving people of seven sisters’ states. Lastly, a large scale of rumor has been spread over proposed political talk between ULFA and the Govt of India. The main objective of spreading rumor and polluting the social environment is to underestimate the peoples’ struggle for social change and continue colonialism by maintaining states co.
It is regrettable to mention that those national democratic organizations that have been indulging themselves in democratic movements with several demands are not capable of attaining proper philosophy and right directions till today, to make the democratic movements stronger as per requirements of time and situations, after realizing the motivated rumors and the stand of the ruling class and their puppets against national interest.
In turn, the ruling class, taking this opportunity, either they have finished democratic movements, or, used in political ends, or, initiated cruel army atrocities or third degree tortures on the democratic activists. It is evident from the consequences of democratic movements taking place during 63years history of Indian rule in Asom.
Under these circumstances, in colonial state, we do feel that democratic movements continuing in Asom for regional self determination of indigenous people and other political and economic movements for livelihood of common people should all get united at any cost and free from narrow political ambitions, start a common democratic movement to overthrow the Indian colonialism and determine to reinstate the already looted national fundamental rights of Asom.
Because, under colonial society and national scenes, selection of real issues and ordinary issues determines accurately the ideology and efficiency of struggling leaders and on that basis, while, democratic movements are led, people can expect their expected change. On the contrary, when movements are organized with ordinary issue, neglecting main issue, it may become ‘boomerang’ for the people. There is no instance of giving wastage on such issues either by ruling class or state.

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