NSCN-K not to attend September conclave


IMPHAL, Sept 14: The underground NSCN (K) has reiterated over the failures of the NSCN (IM) cadres to maintain status-quo as per the directives of the Naga Reconciliation process.
According to the statement of the ouifit signed by the Deputy Kilonser MIP, P Tikhak, covenant of Reconciliation was signed at the highest level to pave way for new changes in the Naga political struggle. Having faith in God, the chairman of the National Socialist Council of Nagaland personally felt that, it was a necessity, irrespective of group or ideological differences. Therefore, putting aside all the differences, however bitter it was, he buried it in the name of God and signed the Covenant of Reconciliation prayerfully to let peace and harmony prevail in our land. Accordingly, messages were pass to all military headquarters to stop all forms of offensive till further orders were issued and not a single shot has been either fired intentionally or un-intentionally by any of our armed comrades.

The statement further mntioned that, despite having signed the Covenant of reconciliation by Mr. Isak his Gen. Secretary, Th. Muivah kept on instigating and killing our cadres violating all limits of the reconciliation process and every other day they will come out with concocted stories. Same thing happened with Lt. Ngampang when he was abducted and killed mercilessly but, the I-M gang denied killing him and accepted in a press statement in the local dailies that, he is very much alive and is in their safe custody but he has never been heard of thereafter. The Mekokla incident in which one NSCN Rajapeyu Late Zaremo Lotha was killed on 26th August was no different. None of their justification is above the Covenant of Reconciliation. Finally the truth is that, we have lost another Naga soul which was precious to all of us. This is the reality and we have to accept it. The Tesari Region incident is another episode of deceit and treachery. Taking advantage of the reconciliation process, the Muivah gang befriended with one of our boy and lured him with huge amount of cash provided he passes all sensitive information. On that fateful night, when everybody was asleep taking advantage of the insider they overpower the sentry and captured men and weapons. The cadres never surrendered to them nor did they go willfully rather, they were cheated.

It is also mentioned that the very incidentswhich have raised serious question on sincerity and honesty of the NSCN (IM) leadership. And it would be very-very difficult for any party or group to join hands with people who always had nefarious designs in their mind. FNR has no doubt done a very wonderful job, what they did is highly appreciable and laudable but, we are deeply hurt with new incidents unfolding every day. Therefore, the President, GPRN has decided not to send any of its representatives in the September conclave.


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