ZYF concerned by UG demands to officials


IMPHAL, Sep 23: The Zeliangrong Youth Front (Assam, Manipur and Nagaland) has expressed concern over the reported information that various District Level Officers and Head of Departments of Zeliangrong region especially in Tamenglong district could not be stationed regularly due to the monetary demands and intimidations at various levels by some society and organizations.
According to the statement of the front, the ZYF is looking forward to proper administration in order to fill all gaps that have occurred in the district. The front has been making appeals to all DLOs, DDOs and HODs to be stationed at their respective offices.
The statement further expressed their grateful thanks to the concerned district level officers and heads of departments for showing cooperation in compliance to their appeal and making sure they are available at their respective offices when their team made visits.
Taking strong note the front appealed to the public, society or any organization to refrain from such activities and instead encourage a diplomatic approach keeping aside personal vested interests by having broad outlook to develop the district, the statement added.
The statement added that the front strongly condemned the physical attack on Jeilan (Power house) Chowkidar, Tirbahadur by senseless individuals recently. The ZYF sent a warning message that any individual big or small trying to harass/attack any person looking after the Jeilan, the only water reservoir in the heart of the  Tamengolng town, will deserve a stern punishment.
The statement said as the front represents better welfare of the society, it further warned the general public to take care and utilise properly the water for washing of clothes, swimming, eazing animal on its bank and latrine process near the adjacent stream that directly flows to the Jeilan, and any individual violating and going against the said appeal will be treated as against the society and get befitting action.
The statement also further clarified on the presence of Zelinagrong Youth Front in the so called Zelaingrong Boudi Central election at Haflong. There is no such representative (S) nor is in cognizance to the front and therefore, general public be understand, the ZYF believe in the principle of neutralism at this conflict Zeliangrong impasse. However, based on the principle of their aims and objectives they stand for the Zelinagrong unity and solidarity, therefore, they should be wise enough that ZYF is not on either side. It is manifest that ZYF will always stands for the great cause of Zeliangrong solidarity, the statement added.


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