Rejoinder – Longmai Bazar Board Dispute


This has reference to the press release issued by G. Joseph Gangmei, Attorney Chairman, Longmai Village Authority published in the Imphal Free Press under the caption “Longmai Bazar Board Dispute” on 8th October, 2010.

That, since its inception, in 1969, the present Longmai (Noney) Board has been functioning smoothly without having any hindrances from any quarters. However, there was misgivings caused by some un-scrupulous persons the Board Office has been closed on 2n October, 2009 to maintain peace and tranquility till 2nd October, 2010. But, surprisingly on 2nd October, 2010, the Board Office was dismantled by a group of persons led by Mr. G, Joseph Gangmei, violating the standing order of the government. Since, there was some misunderstanding between the two contending parties a joint meeting was arranged by the SDPO, Nungba Mr. Luther Maring, MPS on 3rd October, 2010 at Longmai (Noney) Police Station in the course of discussion Mr. G. Joseph Gangmei, tendered an apology before the members and in the physical presence of the SDPO, Nungba for his misdeed/violating and dismantling the Board Office. At the same time, the Longmai (Noney) Bazar Board issue is nothing to do with the extension of the MLR & LR Act. 1960.

Henceforth, all the allegations made against the SDPO, Nungba Mr. Luther Maring, MPS is totally baseless and unfounded. It is nothing else, but deliberate attempt to tarnish the sanctity and integrity of the Board and the SDPO Mr. Luther Maring, MPS for their selfish ends. Further, it is also appeal to all the general public not to mislead by such concocted news in the near future.

For information of all concerned the following solid facts were placed.

1. That, in 1969, the then Khullakpa of Longmai (Noney) (Late) Mr. P.G. Pantibon, formally announced and donated the present Longmei Bazar areafree of cost for thewelfare of the village and surrounding villages.

2. That, on 30th Dec. 1970, the first Longmai (Noney) Bazar Board was constituted consisting of 11 members from the 12 surrounding villages.

3. That, on 22nd July, 1973, there was a general public meeting of the surrounding villages, the meeting was presided over by the then Hon’ble Member of the Autonomous District Council, Tamenglong (Late) Mr. K. Kalinga, as Chairman and elected Board Member consisting of 13 new members.
4. That, on 6th August, 1977, the Longmai (Noney) Bazar Board, executivemeeting was held under the Chairmanship of (Late) P.G. Pantibon, Khullakpa of Longmai village, as per the resolution no.7 of the general body meeting of the Longmai (Noney) Bazar Board which was held on 24th March, 1975, a sum of Rs.500/- (Rupees five hundred) only was offered to (Late) Shri P.G. Pantibon, Khullakpa of the village as a token of respect and honour.

5. That, onl6th December, 1978 the Rules and Regulations of the present Bazar Board was drafted and approved by the Board.

6. That, on 20th May, 1996, the 8th Election of Board was held. The election was conducted by the then Chairman Longmai Village Authority Shri P.G. Pouthaogai, as returning officer in the election Shri Kanan Kamei, was elecied along with 21 members as executive members.

7. That, on 17th March, 1997, a booklet under the title “A brief history of PG. Pantibon, was released on the 50th years of Khulakpaship of Longmai village written by Mr. Shri Akhe Gnagmei, on behalf of the Gangmei clans of Longmai (Noney) village in which donation of land to the present bazaar area was written at page no.3 .

8. That, on 10th August, 1997, Shri P.G. Pouthaogai, the then Chairman of Longmai (Noney) Village Authority wrote a letter of reaffirmation to the SDC Noney Centre, reaffirming the 1969 declaration of (Late) P.G. Pantibon, Khullakpa/Chairman of Noney village, land donor, donating the present Longmai (Noney) Bazar area.

9. That, on 16th August, 1997, the then (Late) Shri Pantibon, he himself reaffirmed/re-declared that the present bazaar area was being donated by him for the welfare of the general public of Noney village and surrounding villages.

10. That, on 13th September, 1998, a joint written declaration was made by the both Khullakpa (Late) P.G. Pantibon, the then Khullakpa and his Attorney Chairman, Shri P.G.  Pouthaogai,  submitted the joint written  declaration to the Chairman and Secretary of Longmai (Noney) Bazar Board reaffirming   the donation of land to Longmai (Noney) Bazar along with its land demarcation.

11. That, on 28th January, 2003, Shri Kajaigai Gangmei,  the then Sub-divisional Megistrate in-charge Nungba, issued an order appointing Shri Gangchei Gangmei, as Care-Taker   Chairman to look after the administration of Longmai (Noney) Bazar Board till the formal election is conducted. He continued to hold the post completely five years 2003-2008.

12. That, on 16th September, 2009 the then SDO Nungba Shri A. Subash Singh, under its Order No.SDO/NBA/Misc/2007, approved the proceedings of the general body meeting of plot holders of Longmai Bazar Board held on 28th August, 2009.

13. That, on 25th September, 2009, as per the directive of the SDO Nungba, the 10th Election of Longmai (Noney) Bazar Board was conducted by the then Attorney Chairman of Longmai (Noney) Village Authority, Shri Lanshingam Gangmei, under the supervision of Manglem Dangmei, SDC, Noney. On the same day, the then Attorney Chairman Shri Lanshingam Gangmei, formally declared Shri Dimthaochung Kamei, as Chairman of the Board for the term 2009-2013.

14. That, on 28th September, 2009, the then Chairman Shri Lanshingam Gangmei, Chairman, Longmai (Noney) Village Authority issued a speaking order as per the directive of the SDO Nungba, Order No.SDO/NBA/Misc/2007, dated 10th October, 2009. Stating that the election of Longmai (Noney) Bazar Board was peacefully conducted by the plot holders.

15. That, Shri Gailanjei Pamei, and his group lodged a complaint against the election to the Deputy Commissioner, Tamenglong along with fictitious documents.

16. That, on 26th November, 2009, a fresh enquiry was called from the SDO, Nungba by the DC, Tamenglong. Accordingly, SDO, Nungba submitted a report stating that on 26th September, 2009 no Longmai (Noney) Bazar Board election was conducted.

17. That, based on the formal report of the SDC Noney and the SDO Nungba on 21st January, 2010 the Deputy Commissioner, Tamenglong rejected the complaint lodged by Shri Gailanjei Pamei, and group and issued an order upholding the election held on
28th August, 2009 in respect of Longmai (Noney) Bazar Board in public interest under the Chairmanship of Shri Dimthaochung Kamei.

Your faithfully,
(Dimthaochung Kamei)
Chairman Longmai (Noney) Bazar Board.

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