Congratulate Bijoi Koijam



What is wrong when an elected representative of the people(MLA) performs an impromptu jig and sings in a musical concert ? Not dignified. Well, everybody is entitled to his own opinion but dignity is a relative term qualified by time and situation.

Think of it: the most powerful man in the world- Barrack Hossain Obama, the President of the United State of America and his gracious wife Mitehelle Obama, the first Lady of America did an impromptu Jig with the Koli fisher-children of Mumbai during their recent visit to this country and the watched with joy and appreciation.

This was because the time and situation was most appropriate. News appearing in local dailies(IPP 20 Nov 2010,’Minister binge at Keithel function etc.) reported that Bijoi Koijam, Honourable M.L.A. of Thongju Kendra enthralled the crowd at a Musical Concert at the newly-constructed Khwairamband Sana Keithel to celebrate the successful completion of the market complex, on the night of 19th Nov. 2010, by taking the stage and singing 3(three) evergreen Pahari vintage.

I was so thrilled to hear the news. Hats-off to this young and talented artiste-cum-politician. You have done the right thing at the right place; the occasion was neither a ‘Soraat’ nor a ‘Phiroy’ where you are expected to keep a dignified silence. It was a musical concerts, a jolly occasion and a rare treat for all the audience listening to the sweet melody of one of our own MLA’s.

Please keep it up and you may fully utilise your talent for garnering votes during Election campaign. That is exactly what the many Chief Ministers of the South did and are still doing. Coming to the next point: there seems nothing to indicate any trace of vulgar display of wealth when some Hon. Cabinet Minister showered currency notes to a one of their talented colleagues on stage.

It was all fun and nothing but a spontaneous outburst of pleasant surprise and I believe, it was not pre-planned. Besides, it is customary for the Manipuris to express their appreciation and admiration in a dance or a musical function by the act of “SEL THABA”(offering money to the artiste).

In fact, the act of the two Cabinet Ministers have greatly enhanced the festive ambience of the cultural night. My only regret is that I could not be present. People seem to forget that MLA’s and Ministers are also human beings and when they behave like a normal human being, once in Blue Moon, why cry foul?

Yours sincerely,
C. Samarendra,


  1. Even the Kings deserve, some time on his own. And it must be really nice for a change. This is how you relieve your self from unwanted stress… Enjoy MLA.

    Appreciate it!

  2. This one wins the most pathetic letter-to-the-editor award. Was this even published by IFP? May be i should also start writing about how i could selll Hot-dogs in Ukhrul and how Muivah will enjoy chomping my hot-dogs.


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