Six more under trial prisoners recommended for NSA detention


IMPHAL, Nov 28: State Home department has recently recommended at least six persons belonging to separate militant groups operating in the state for detention under National Security Act, (NSA), 1980 as per the detention order passed by the separate district Magistrate against the said six activists very recently.

According to an official source, the Bishnupur District Magistrate has recently issued an order for detention of one Ningombam Ningol Huidrom Ongbi Mashi Devi alias Thoibi, 42, wife of H Manglemba Singh of Yumnam Huidrom Mayai Leikai under section 3(3) of the National Security Act, 1980, the court has further submitted report on the detention of the said person to the state Home department along with the copy of grounds for detention.

In the meantime, state home department after having carefully considered grounds for detention furnished by the district magistrate and being satisfied that her activities are prejudicial to the security of the state and maintenance of public order is also of the opinion that the grounds are sufficient for the detention of the said person under Section 3(2) of the NSA, as result of all prima facie state home department has recommended detention of Mashi Devi alias Thoibi under NSA.

Similarly, as per the order of Bishnupur district Magistrate state Home department recommended another detention of one Wahengbam Ibungomacha Meitei alias Inaocha alias koktang alias Tamo, 37, son of W Thambal Meitei of Toubul Maning Leikai under NSA. Further in similar case, district magistrate Imphal west district has issued order detention of one activists of KCP identified as Moirangthem Roppem Singh alias Enao, 33, son of M Kamandar Singh of Yorbung Mamang Leikai under NSA, state home department relying on the court’s order recommended detention of Roppen alias Enao under NSA.

Similarly, Thoubal district magistrate also passed and order for the detention of three persons identified as Lourembam Chandra Singh, alias Ibungo, 38, son of late Momon Singh of Pishum Oinam Leikai Lairembi Maning, Namaram Hebren Singh, alias Mangal, 36, son of late M Chaoba Singh of Uchiwa Wangma Awang Leikai and Khumukcham Anand Singh alias John, 23, son of Kh Manglemjao of Kakching Khunou Awang Kshetri Leikai under NSA recently.

The official source further mentioned that, the district magistrate Thoubal has submitted report on the detention of the said three persons under Section 3(4) of the NSA along with the grounds for their detention, considering the grounds for the detention of the said three persons under NSA from the furnished reports of the magistrate state home department has recommended for the detention of said three persons under NSA and separate order for the recommendations were issued by the state home department on November 25 last.

The official source further mentioned that, the recommendations of the state home departments for the detentions of above person under NSA will be produced before the sittings of state NSA board with the chairman by Retd. Justice Rajkhowa which are likely to held at Manipur Central Jail Sajiwa for the final approval of the detentions of the said person under NSA, the source added.

In yest another official order issued by the Addl. secretary home government of Manipur, in exercise of the power conferred under section 14 & 15 of the National Security Act, 1980, state home department has released a person who was detained under NSa by the state government identified as Soibam joy Singh alias Langol alias Leilangba, 37, son of late S kullachandra Singh of Lalambung Makhong forewith from detention under NSA on bail on furnishing a bond of Rs 20,000 along with a surity of like amount to the state government, the official order added.


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