Highway gangsters nabbed


    IMPHAL, Nov 9: A group of armed miscreants which had formed a gang to loot vehicles plying along the NH 39 was repordtedlly captured by some armed person believed to be NSCN(IM) yesterday.
    A source from Senapati said the gang with three armed miscreants has been collecting Rs 500 tax from each passing vehicle in the name of the Naga National People Support Group, in between Mao gate and Tadubi was captured by NSCN (IM) yesterday after people started complaining.
    The source further said the trio gangsters who started collecting taxes since the past few days in the name of the NNPSG have been identified as Adani Desii, Bahadur Kaisrii and Lohrii Ashuli of Kalinamei, Senapati district. All of them have been taken to Hebron camp by the NSCN (IM) cadres for further interrogation, the source added.
    Decrying the act of looting the public in the name of the Nagas, which could create a bigger misunderstanding among the various communities, people of the surrounding area appealed to all concerns not to repeat such acts in the future.


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