More demand revalation of Meghen’s whereabouts


    IMPHAL, Nov 5: In continuation of concerns coming in from various organizations regarding the reportedly arrest of Meghen alias Sanayaima, UNLF chairman from a place in Dhaka and his subsequent missing without a trace, the Kiyam Wangmataba Youth Welfare Association and the Environment & Economic Management Association, EEMA have appealed to the central as well the state government to put in extra efforts in order to find out the whereabouts of the chairman of the proscribed group.
    The Public Monitoring Committee, Tamenglong expressed its discontentment against the Government of India’s decision to keep the details regarding the arrest of R.K.Sanayaima Singh, Chairman of the UNLF group. In the press note, the committee has stated that the government has abused human rights in not revealing the details and that they cannot go scot free without revealing the truth especially in this case as Sanayiama is the great grandson of Bir Tikendrajit, Leader of the resistance movement against the British colonialism. The committee has further asked the state government to take up the matter seriously at the earliest lest a public anger flare up in the state.


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