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Misleading or deceiving the customer is a serious offence: there is fine or imprisonment. But here it is practiced with apparent impunity by a certain service provider or (is it the company) among others. To name one, here Tata Photon + India’s superfast mobile broadband service which as it claimed (written on the box) has a download speed of up to 3.1mbps is a canard. I recently bought one, thinking it would be advantageous than the previous land line connection, but I was wrong. The download speed (Tata photon+) is from a mere some bytes to kilo bytes per second and the pop-up ‘connection was reset’ and if it is the right web-site address ‘server not found’ pops up.

This (reset connection) happens many times in working hours when about to get something after a long wait in front of the computer (because of the slowness). With only two hours of electric at an interval it is making us go mad. The agent in this state must do something to speed it up like they claimed. Installing more towers etc so that the signal will be strong. My brother told me when it first came to this state the signal was strong but as many people started getting connected to it with no increase of towers with relation to the increase in connection the speed has decreased to the minimum, and it is still decreasing with each connection.

I can’t contact companies; if the hindrance is not tackled quickly I’m taking legal action.

Yours sincerely,
Sapam Subhangker,


  1. The speed(2 or 3.1 MB) is the Network speed between the PC and TATA network , where the internet(www) bandwidth of TATA is shared among TATA Photon users, which means TATA had a limited internet bandwidth and we use the shared internet, if you want that speed, then you have to take a lease line from a ISP it may be TATA or other.
    In morning or in late night the speed is better coz there is few user in the network..

  2. I happened to buy a tata photon and this was a bad decision, which was proved when i had to interact with the very bad quality customer service people and equally bad tata indicom dealers. The service guys dont know what the operations wala are doing and vice versa.

    i had requested for a migration from prepaid to postpaid but they have failed in doing the same despite promises after promises. The entire company is a bunch of lawyers, who just want to acquire customers and kick them when the time comes to deliver the goods.

    Please dont buy tata photon.

  3. i dont agree with this at some points… i hve been using the same broad band for the past several months and have seen the photon plus working at the rate 2 MBPS and watch several online vdos without buffering… The 3MBPS as mention is no…t a speed for downloading a single file, its the speed for the entire data s transfer (up or down) on a single IP adress simultaneously at a same time…

    yes i hve also face some traffic problem just like the mobile fon network problems…. same answer (no diesel ) ( highways problem) but there is no economic blocked for the last several months…..to whom we should blame..to Govt. of manipur or the Tata company..i dont know

  4. Dear Mr.Sapam

    Greetings from Tata Indicom!

    We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.

    We request you to provide us your Tata Indicom connection details and your contact number, which will assist us in doing the needful.

    Should you require any further assistance please mail us at Customer.care@tatatel.co.in.

    Thanks and Regards
    Customer Care
    Tata Indicom

  5. The TATA Photon has mismanagement as a rule rather vthan exception.

    My account for paying regular bill of TATA Photon gets blockes due to pass word being ‘Reset’ due to no aparent reason. When contactde the call centre : They have standard answer :: Sorry , this will be reset in 48 hrs. May be the so called esteemed company is trying to collect late payment charges by delaying bill pay process by resetting the log-in pass word.

    Very emberassing and unfair trade practices. Not acceptable.


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