CCpur demands fitting justice in rape and murder case


From M Kaimuanthang
Lamka Dec 20: The Joint Phialnthropic Organisation, Churachandpur, JPO, are upping their ante against the government  to demand justice for the women who was killed apparently after being raped during the intervening period of December 11 and 12 night near Yaiphakol Village and then was deserted under some straw without clothes.
The JPO  after conducting a series of meeting from the 19th December at various places  condenmed the incident in the strongest term and decided that under the aegies of Ccpur Joint Women Union,CJWU, a condolence meeting will be organised on the December 22 from 11 am at New Bazar Bus Parking infront of the CDSU office for which it urged one and all to take part at the occassion.
During one such meeting a decision was taken in favour of launching  an intense agitation after  expiry of the ulitmatum the CJWU gave  earlier to the government for the arrest of the culprits . The ultimatum ends on 25th December.
Talking to this correspondent on the sidelines of the meeting of  JPO today at the CDSU office located at New Market JL Sawmi Chairman of the CJWU said earlier they have been given an assurance that even if the death body was to be dispose off in compliance with the law it will be by burial so that after somedays if somebody identified the corpse it can be re exhumed and thereafter the last rites would be perform as per the deceased family rituals.
Yet she was stunned to learnt that the body was cremated much against the assurances given to them and criticises authority for being too short sighted.
She further urged government to ensure early completion of District Hopitals morgue because she said whenever there are any incidents of unnatural death the police without any loss of time took the corpse and deposited to RIMS mortuary which pose a problem to the concern relatives in taking the trouble of  going to Imphal.


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