Corruption unites India



It seems India is united by corruption. It keeps all politicians, whether is is a Dravidian, Aryan or a Chink happy. A Tamil A. Raja is happy with all the crores he has pocketted from telecom. Sonia Gandhi is happy with all the money she gets from different Congress ruled states and miniters like A. Raja and corporations like Ambani’s Reliance or Gour’s Jaypee or Aggrawal’s Vedanta. And we have our very own Chinki Dorjee Khandu happy with all the money from power companies for dam construction in Arunachal.

Who of these corrupt will not like to enjoy money and corruption in India? Never mind army men on top of cold glaciers, India will always stay united.

Yours faithfully,
Ropi Jamoh,
Bank road tiniali, Itanagar,
Arunachal Pradesh.


  1. Be careful Sir unless you can prove it with evidence your allegations may land you to jail. You are talking about people who in my opinion can make laws in India.


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