Sports minister flags off campaign against PAP, tourism minister joins protest, CM to meet Union home minister on Dec 21 on issue


Youth affairs and sports minister, N. Biren flagging off a motor rally to campaign the lifting of the PAP. 2010-12-20 | by : IFP Photo
Youth affairs and sports minister, N. Biren flagging off a motor rally to campaign the lifting of the PAP. 2010-12-20 | by : IFP Photo
IMPHAL December 19: Supporting the movement to have the Protected Area Permit, PAP, removed, sports minister Nongthonbam Biren flagged off a motor rally from Chingmeirong Khongnanag Ani Karak this morning.

The rally was organized by the Local Support Group Manipur to sensitize the public about the downside of the Act and to further collect signatures from the general public as part of the global online signature campaign initiated by the Manipuris of Canada.

The rally participants mainly consisted of the members of the support group and face-bookers of the state mainly based in Imphal area.

Wearing armbands ‘Remove PAP’ and similar bumper stickers in the light motor vehicles and two wheelers, the activists congregated at Chingmeirong before being flagged off by the sports minister.

The rally went from Khurai to Wangkhei, Checkon, Keisampat, Kwakeithel etc including many areas of Imphal East and West.

In between it stopped at 20 crowded places along the route to collect signatures.

Rk Shivachandra, the key person behind the campaign stated that more than a thousand signatures were collected today.

He further expressed gratitude that the campaign was met with positive responses from the public.

‘Even the tourism minister TN Haokip and sports minister N Biren have signed the petition, I am fully convinced that with such cooperation from the side of the legislators, PAP, will be removed from the state and tourism can flourish for the benefit of all’, he beamed.

Today’s campaign came as chief minister Okram Ibobi Singh and other officials of the state are scheduled to meet the Union home minister P. Chidambaram on December 21 to discuss issues among others the issue of PAP.

The sports minister N Biren before flagging off the rally stated that the chief minister Okram Ibobi Singh, chief secretary D. S. Poonia and DGP Yumnam Joykumar Singh are meeting the home minister on December 21 and the Chief Minister would raise the issue of PAP during the meeting.

‘This Act has created an alienation to the public of not only Manipur but the whole of northeast in general, we have been pressuring the Centre to remove the Act and I am hopeful that the plea of removal of the Act will definitely be considered by the Indian government, this signature campaign is the need of the hour and a good beginning for a good cause’, the minister said.

Chidamabaram during his recent visit to Manipur announced that the Centre would announce soon a decision on PAP.

Under the system foreigners require a special permit to enter Manipur.

It has also become a big harassment for Manipuris expats who stay abroad and get married to foreign nationals. The problems begin when the family cannot remain in the state for more than 16 days at a stretch.


  1. I prefer Desi, I shall continue to point out that your Emperor is wearing no clothes then. Hope to see you at my wedding.

    Just a quick one before I start my 3 week zazen retreat. The Army are now pushing that the rise in extortion kidnapping rape mayhem is because of the partial withdrawal of AF(SP)A from Imphal. They don’t think it has anything to do with the blank cheques given to any contractor to add on any amount to pay for kidnapping extortion.

    The standard policy a less assinine Government has is we do not negotiate with terrorists. If you pay kidnappers you endanger everyone else. This isn’t rocket science just look out the window on a day with less haze.

    This is a prediction for you. If the PAP permit is withdrawn on a secret whim of some babu in Delhi, in a year’s time they will say the reason we have more crime is because the PAP system was lifted for the year. I’ll take that personally because I’ll come but who else will?

    And while I am at it. At this meeting about expanding the road to Imphal to the position of something that is close to a Highway and the extension of runway time for Air India flights. Not one mention of PAP removal. Last I heard you can’t take luggage in the hold on flights to Imphal as the planes can’t refuel they need to have sufficient to land and return to civilization.

    The Minister in his discussions wants Air India to increase flights. It sounded like he was inviting a herd of pigs to a new trough. I may not be able to influence Indian politicians but I can point out when they run butt naked through your streets yes.

  2. First are you sure you are a Manipuri, you don’t sound rude paranoid or racist. Second yep definitely encouraging news, when politicians openly come out for something it means they can sense the winds have changed. If PAP is repealed. I’ll come. I’d like to build a peace ashram see what she says.

    I am looking forward to visiting Manipur. If the good old boys want to hang onto AF(SP)A for a bit longer I guess it takes time for some politicians to figure out the wind has changed. I can continue with my long meditation retreats. I would like to take a rains retreat but you are always called before you think you are ready.

    I am fed up of hearing about how I can’ t comment because I don’t know the on the ground reality by people who live in delhi and mumbai. I build a peace ashram sit and meditate, anybody got a problem with that you’ll know where to find me.

    I am definitely looking forward to PAP removal and if you guys decide to end your insanity and choose life rather than death well that would be nice. But nobody lives for ever. I would try fear but I guess I am too old and its too tiring. Whenever you are ready to lift PAP then. Damn right it will destroy the culture. I have not come to live in fear.

    • Yes Desmond, I am a Manipuri. It is my opinion rather experience that if you are trying to solve a problem it’s always good to have a fresh eye look at it. See things from different perspective so that you can choose the better of both views and ideas. So I definitely welcome your constructive and positive comments.

  3. This is very encouraging! I really appreciate Sports Minister N. Biren, Tourism Minister TN Haokip for their supports and Rk Shivachandra and all the people who have participated in this great cause. And my sincere respect and gratitude to Manipuris of Canada for the initiation!


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