COTA pay strike enters 21st day


IMPHAL, Dec 6: The Council of Teachers’ Association (COTA) has expressed their loss of confidence in the state government to implement the 6th Central Revised pay in the state which is a sign of total negligence of the state government regarding the welfare of the people of the state.
According to a statement of the COTA, their cease work strike to protest against the failure of the state government in the implementation of the 6th Central Revised Pay to beiefit government employees of the state even after signing MOU six months ago has entered its 21st day today.
The statement further mentioned that, it was very unfortunate on the part of the ministers, MLAs and the officers of the state who have failed to consider and keep the promise that had already been made by the state government for the implementation of the 6th Central Revised pay in the state.
Unlike in other states of north eastern region the state government has been totally sidelining the welfare of the teacher community of the state who are still responsible for producing a good amount of human resources in the state.
Considering all this fact, the association has intensified their agitation by conducting relay hunger strike above their cease work strike at present, the statement added.



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