MPP fires back salvo at govt clarification on UNC talk


IMPHAL, Dec 6: Counter attacking the clarification made by the SPF spokesperson, N. Biren, MPP president Dr. Nimaichand Luwang alleged that the agenda of alternative arrangement for Naga inhabitat areas of the state was also included in the tripartite talk and has also urged the SPF Government to dismiss the talk immediately.
Stating this during a press conference held today at the party office, the president of the opposition party revealed that they have proofs referring to the alternative arrangement issue.
According to Nimaichand Luwang the UNC submitted a memorandum to both the State and Central Government on September 14 and it held that subsequently the talk was conducted while acknowledging the memorandum.
Dr. Nimachand Luwang branded the SPF Government as double standard for the agenda of alternative arrangement was also mentioned in the serial number 18 of the memorandum submitted to the both the Governments. 
The four point agenda discussed in the meeting as clarified by the SPF spokesperson can be dealt by the State Government alone as it was a State list issue however the MPP was taken by surprises over the participation of the Central Government, said Nimaichand Luwang.
The incompetency of the SPF ministry to handle and solve a state list issue has clearly proven its inability of Governance.
Raising his concern overthe tripartite talks, for it will trigger another unrest, Dr. Nimaichand Luwang urged the SPF to dismiss the talks immediately. 
As per report mentioned in the Times of India newspapers the involvement of Manipur Police was clearly mention in arrest the arrest of Meghen. They were used for identifying the rebel leader, said Nimaichand Luwang and ask the Chief Minister of Manipur to clarify on the matter at the earliest.
On the other hand the BJP also reacted on the tripartite talks and also on the issue of Meghen.
Talking to media persons during a press meet S. Tikendra, vice president BJP Manipur, also term the involvement of Central Government as unfortunate for the agenda discussed as mentioned by the SPF spokesperson was state listed issue.
The incompetency to deal with the state issue shows the inability of SPF ministry to govern and asserted that it is not worth to govern the state.
Tikendra further revealed that it was very shameful that the state Government agreed for a tripartite talk to a mere four point agenda which is a state list issue.



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