NH-53 road accessible claims Drivers Council


IMPHAL, Dec 1: With gradual improvement of road conditions along the NH 53, more than 260 loaded trucks and oil tankers were escorted back to Imphal from Jiribam today.

Freight trucks numbering about 162 carrying rice, three oil tankers and others reached Imphal safely at around 8 am this morning from Jiribam.

In the meantime, Transporters’ and Drivers’ Council, Maipur has claimed that even though the existing conditions of the NH 53 is not signicantly improved, but with the end of rainy season, all forms of vehicles are accessible along the highway at present.

The drivers council, in a statement, has drawn the attention of the state government to give strong instructions of the BRO for taking up active construction works for improvement of NH-53 within March and April next year so that all forms of vehicle could be plies along this road throughout the year.

The drivers council has been making all their affords for the improvement of the road for the sake of future generations without any fear and selfless. It further appeal to the public to ply vehicle along this road without any fear and apprehensions.

The council further charged that the hardship being faced by the people due to artificial scarcities of petroleum products in the state was caused by irresponsibleness of higher authorities of the IOC. The drivers body alleged that IOC authorities did not control oil tankers properly and not considering for delivering proper transporting fares to the transporters/tankers of the state.

It further said that the manager of the IOC Imphal Oil depot, despite of checking the tankers, is thinking of earning for the self.

The drivers councl demanded removal of the current manager of IOC Imphal and proper arrangement for the tankers to ply along the National Highway 53 to collect oil by providing proper fares to the transporters/tankers. This is the only way to bring improvement to the existing problems created by scarcities of fuel in the state at present.

The drivers body also warned of suspending all forms of interstate passenger services and commercial trucks if government fail to hear driver’s voice.


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