Central BJP leaders apprised of Meghen arrest issue


New Delhi- Dec 1: A team of the BJP, Manipur Pradesh led by Laimayum Bashanta Sharma, secretary, media affairs, BJP, have submitted a report on arrest of UNLF chairmen RK Meghen alias Sanayaima, UNLF and AFSPA to top bras of the party at New Delhi today for raising the two issue in the ongoing parliament session.

The Manipur BJP team apprised their central leaders that the twin issue of arrest of RK Meghen and AFSPA need discussion at the floor of Parliament during the ongoing session.

Regarding the arrest of UNLF chief, the BJP Manipur in its report submitted to their central leaders said RK Meghen is a citizen of the country and he should be allowed to enjoy all the fundamental rights as guaranteed by the Constitution of India and he should tried by a law court.

Regarding Sharmila historic fast, the BJP Manipur said the “Fast unto Death” launched by Irom Chanu Sharmila demanding for repeal of the AFSPA, 1958 has completed a decade. No befitted reply has yet come out from both the state and central government to please the jailed hunger striker, the report said.

It said Sharmila’s demand came after long and continuous harassment, torture, killing of innocent men and women, molestation and rape in Manipur.

The BJP Manipur endorsed and support the stand of the party on AFSPA for the particular state of Jammu & Kashmir. But for Manipur, we may require aliment and human act instead of AFSPA, because, the people of Manipur are all standing against the draconian Act, the report said adding emergence of numerous underground group in Manipur due to prolonged imposition of the draconian legislation.

The Act now remains only to harass and torture the innocent people in the name of counter insurgency operation, the BJP report said adding people of Manipur has no relief even as the act has been removed from seven assembly constituencies of Imphal. Silence of BJP organization in Manipur will alienates the party from the mainstream of public demand if the act continue. It also said the issue of AFSPA, 1958 in Manipur has become an international issue.


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