Secretariat employees threatens to resume cease work strike


IMPHAL, Dec 1: The Manipur Secretariat Services Association has decided to resume its cease work strike if the state government fails to implement the demands it had agreed to in the nearest future.

The MSSA has in the regard formed an Action Committee today.

According to a statement of the Councils of Teachers Association, the ongoing cease work strike of the council has given serious impact on the academic atmosphere in the state especially to the government schools following the total participation of the teachers in the cease work strike launched by the COTA which has been demanding implementation of sixth Revised Central pay in toto.

In the meantime, taking serious note of the demands of the COTA, a joint meeting of council and representatives of Manipur Secretariat Services Association was convened today and minutely discussed on the present agitation (strike), launched by the COTA more particularly on the improper implementation of the 6th Central Pay Commission in the State.

The joint meeting after a deliberate discussion finally resolved that if the government do not interpret the real sense of giving the latest 10% D.A. ( OM No. 1(6)/2010-E-II(B), dated 22.9.2010 ) w.e.f. 1.11.2010 instead of 1.7.2010 which ultimately not following the Central norms/pay structure, would result a large gap and obviously contradict the basic principle of Central Pay and Allowances in-toto.

As such, the suspended strike with immediate effect from May 5 last year should be conditionally resumed immediately for actual fulfillment of the followings demands including, grant of actual arrears of the 6th Central Pay Commission ( 4 years and 3 months ) as it was agreed that it would be considered at an appropriate time with the appreciation of the Chief Minister, Manipur (jointly signed by the Secretary to C.M. and MSSA), Grant of SDA, correction of Grade Pay,Non-finalisation of Pay Anomaly Rectification as time frame has already been expired in September, 2010 and Complete Ban on absorption of non-Secretariat staff to maintain/ upkeep the quality of services, etc.


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