People throng Imphal Airport to receive arrested UNLF chairman but return dismayed


Imphal, Dec 1 (NNN): Media persons and people thronged Imphal Airport today as speculations spread this morning that the arrested chairman of United National Liberation Front (UNLF) RK Meghen alias Sanayaima would be brought to the state but the alert turned out false.

Today’s development followed the official confirmation that the UNLF chairman who was reported to have been arrested in Bangladesh on Semptember 29 last was actually and mysteriously claimed to have been in Bihar.

The news that RK Meghen has been arrested by a joint team of Bihar and Imphal police at Motihari in East Champaran district of Bihar on the afternoon of November 30 following a tip-off was confirmed by Superintendent of Police in Bihar, Parash Nath and DGP Bihar sufficiently.

Accordingly the rebel leader was produced before Motihari CJM under huge security cover and later after having obtained transit remand of three days, Imphal police has reported flown him to Manipur.

After having received the news of the arrest of RK Meghen and his deportation to Manipur, a huge crowd comprising of media fraternity and civil organizations have been waiting for his arrival at the Imphal airport since 8 am today. However, despite the long wait coming to a sad close in late afternoon today with presspersons taking turns to wait and break during the wait, the transit team has apparently not showed up at the airport creating a sense of collective resignation and anxiety palpable in the air.

Three influential women’s organizations, Universal Mothers’ Organization, Nupi Samaj and All Manipur Tammi Chingmi Lup, descended at the airport in massive force in anticipation of the arriving rebel leader. The people of the State have been demanding the revelation of the whereabouts of Meghen and adjudication of his case with due process of law.

Universal Mothers’ Organization president, Momon warned that, “Should the Government of India fail to own up its responsibility in the arrest of Meghen, a volatile social unrest is imminent in Manipur,” and “accused the Government of India of violating human rights despite the rhetoric of India being the largest democracy.”

All Manipur Tammi Changmi Lup president, Ramani reasoned that “due the avalanche of protest against the enshrouding of the arrest of Meghen witnessed during the days following the arrest, Government of India has owned up on Meghen being in its custody at last. Had it not for the variegated protest voices, Meghen would have been killed.”

On a profound note, Ramini let slip a guiding counsel saying, “Meghen should also accommodate the sentiment of the people of Manipur in his next move.”

In anticipation for the arrival of Meghen to the State, the women’s bodies were seen flanking both sides of a road in Kwakeithel which is located on the approach road to the airport on Tedim Road in Imphal, displaying placards emblazoned with messages like, “we want justice”, “we want democratic solution”, “long live Manipur”, “we welcome UNLF chairman Sanayaima aka RK Meghen”, “we honor international law” etc.

Reminiscently, UNLF chairman, Sanayaima aka RK Meghen, was reportedly arrested at Lalmatia locality in Bangladesh on September 29, 2010 by a joint team of Bangladeshi and Indian sleuths and reportedly extradited to India surreptitiously. The arrest was promptly reported by BBC news which was carried by regional newspapers subsequently thereafter. With the arrest taking a political turn, Bangladesh Communist Party was approached by its Indian counterpart to confirm the veracity of the news who sometimes in November relayed its confirmation in the affirmative. However, with the Government of India sitting in stoic silence over the issue, neither agreeing not disagreeing on the arrest, the people of the State rose up in protest against the government’s double standard and began to question its dispensation on theory and praxis of honoring international law.


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