One knifed to death by friend


IMPHAL, Dec 21: A man succumbed to knife injuries this morning at the Shija Hospital, Langol.
The victim had suffered the injury in a scuffle with a friend. 
The man identified as Kamsholein Gangte, 33, s/o Satkhotinpao alias Patei of Langol Housing Complex Type III, had gone for a dinner party at a friend’s house at Langol Complex Type III, F Block second row, where he had a scuffle with his friends identified as Ginlal Mate s/o Thangal Mate which resulted in Ginlal using a knife to attacked him.
The victim received around four five cuts in his abdomen in the fight and was immediately rushed to Shija Hospital at around 10:30 pm.
Family members of the deceased, while speaking to media persons at the RIMS morgue claimed that the deceased and his friend Ginlal had left together to have dinner at the latter’s quarter, however the two had an argument at which Ginlal thrashed the deceased, but not satisfied with this he attacked his friend using a knife.
The family members of the deceased further alleged that Ginlal’s father who was also present at the scene instead of stopping the fight, supported his son Ginlal and even encouraged him to use the knife against the hapless victim who he was holding on to.
They have also claimed that Ginlal’s father even received some knife cuts in the scuffle.
Sources have claimed the accused to be large still.
Meanwhile, the concerned Lamphel PS has filed a FIR relating to the incident for further investigation.


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