WikiLeaks founder claims “life under threat”


London , Dec 19 (ANI): WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has claimed that his life is in danger as he prepares to fight extradition proceedings to Sweden over allegations that he sexually assaulted two women.
Sky News quoted Assange as saying that there were “significant risks” facing him and his staff.
“There is a threat to my life. There is a threat to my staff. There are significant risks facing us,” he added.
The Australian further said that the sex offence allegations were a “travesty”, and added that: “No person should be exposed to that type of investigation and persecution”.
The 39-year-old journalist has been denying the sex offence allegations and his lawyers have claimed that the Swedish authorities are waging a “vendetta”.
Earlier after being released on bail in London , he had claimed that he was preparing for indictment on US espionage charges.
WikiLeaks came to the lime light after it released hundreds of secret US diplomatic cables, which created a ‘hue and cry’ across the world.


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