Individual clarification as a Woman for banning the NE Youth Fest at Senapati


There has been hue and cry from the Non-Nagas for banning the NE Youth Fest at Senapati, specially from the Meetei brothers in the Valley. As woman, I never thought of writing this letter and share my dissatisfaction with the world but the stupidity of my brothers who have organised this Fest and the response from the Non-Nagas made my cooker whistle burst out. Before I began let me Introduce myself and than tell you something about the organisers. I’m Donvero Duo in mid-twenties, born and brought from Senapti Bazaar, economically marginalised yet struggling to live my life in dignity as every Naga women are taught to be. This Fest is organised by the Youth Initiative Foundation (YIF) in the name of Mr. Dominic Chawang from Senapati Bazaar but in actual Mr. Suresh @ Luhing is the brain behind all this controversial event. Mr. Suresh is Madrasi but adopted by his maternal  uncle who is a Naga from Senapati Bazaar.

Reason for banning the NE Youth Fest:
1. This organisers have a bad reputation in the town and moreover they do not take the concern of the authorities of the land and elders. In the previous year till the time of this hue and cry happened this people organised parties in the Army Camp from time to time in the name of this NGO for the reason best known to them. They took economically poor beautiful  girls along with them for the Indian Army officers and the rich Meetei from the valley, in return they get cases of Alcohol whereby they sell it to local vendors at Senapati Bazaar and make Big sum of money. I felt there is nothing more untrust-worthy in human civilisation than selling their own sisters flesh. This is an open secret and thus they are dislike by all the people.

2. The declaration of  severance of all political ties with the Government of Manipur(GoM) as on the 1st of July, 2010 Naga Peoples’ Convention (NPC) convened at Tahamzam was based on the unmistakable fact that it was impossible to protect their right to life, land, time-honored institutions, customary practice and values under the administration of the dominant and communal GoM, because the history of the Nagas has clearly confirmed that the GoM has never recognized and respected the identity and dignity of the Naga people. However the organizers, defied the advice and  roped in the Meetei Legislatures and the Indian Army for the event and presumably to counter the voice of the people against the ill timed programme, although they are not the co-organiser of the programme. The Youth Initiative Foundation has challenged the very spirit of the NPC with this seemingly innocuous invasion that is detrimental to the interest and the future of the Nagas in Manipur. While the Nagas have taken up the movement against suppression, deprivation and discrimination and threat to their identity and culture, the Youth Initiative Foundation proposes to celebrate Peace through culture and Identity of the entire north east region at Tahamzam, the very venue of the NPC.

Every citizens and the higher authority of the land have every right to control and correct the wrong doers. So to me banning of this Youth Fest is very appropriate and I appreciate it. The sentiments of the Naga people cannot be bought over by superficial publicity stunts of songs, dances and catwalks. The programme is being supported by the dominant GoM to divide the Nagas and the tribals. We are not against festivals of the youth to whom the future belong. Of course the concept is beautiful but the objective is too deadly. Particularly, when our womens dignity is manipulated by some rich alien Officers and our space, our identity and culture has been subsumed by the dominant and we have been reduced to chattels, what will we celebrate and uphold in the festival? Festival such as these will be meaningful and cease to be insulting only when we secure our space and equality, and our identity and culture is safeguarded in the Alternative Arrangement.

Many people says that the event must be held in Imphal, if so go ahead no one is stopping the organiser from doing so. And I strongly believed that the Meetei brothers will happily embrace our prodigals son.

As one of the commentator have said Enough is Enough……. So do I Enough is Enough for the Meeteis to play with the Nagas………..

Yours faithfully,
Donvero Duo,
Senapati town.
e-mail: donvero.duo[at]gmail[dot]com

Reproduced from IFP

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  1. Hey “woman”!Interesting!Thats really bad habit!Now listen, clear with one thing,kanglei never vouches So called army.Tell me who’s is fighting?Your NSCN(IM)?Damn!Shit they are one who are bolstering indian army.Damn “truce”!Damn you are talking about”economically marginalised”!did Rishang keishing miss you guys in his long tenure!!What about your hao cabinate doing?(how can it be as all are engage in something or the other).Now,dont talk about “banning”!U are ignorant,cull little bit more information and you will get the answer.People like you are like “crab in a open container”(as one knows that the crab wont come out as they pull one another down..)Dont be that sissy and pissy!You people are always thinking negatives.You dont know what appriciation is!Lost somewhere(british has taken it and left with the most fake religion after hindiusm).Good that u r staying in delhi with dignity but most are lost and denegrading irreversibly and even precedenting real harmful defacing acts.Mao firing was just an outcome Mr Muivah pre calculated plan.He planned and he succeeded but with the cost of innocent kanglei mao.Convey your leader fight back rather than killing our own people!

    • give and take ….in the name of entertainment…varieties of trade and activities gets involve:hidden agendas…have come to light that the beauty contestants were asked to parade and favors by the so call VIP’s night after late night.g8…..looks manipur is coming up in tat front.

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