National Highways In Manipur


I could not understand why the Govt. of India have failed to do away the burning problems of the tribal people who have been inhabiting in the far north eastern and border corner of the vast Bharat despite 63 years of independence. As a result the people have been living under so much poverty line struggling to earn their day-to-day livelihood. Since the people do not have enough food stuffs to eat, not to speak of wearing warm clothes during winter season, their physical features are not properly built. Different diseases often attack them; their children are prone to the attacks of these diseases. To add to these agonies, they get married at the early ages due to easy mixing and minglings among the youths. Educating the children has helped to open their eyes to know what is good and bad. However, good education is too costly. The Govt’s policy to give free education to all children upto Higher Secondary School level is a welcomed policy programme. But on the implementing side, the Govt. schools have failed to carry out the programmes as planned. Education should be privatised if the Govt’s policy of education is to be successfully implemented. The children are not willing to go to the Govt’s schools though free. This is nothing but because of the ineffective administration of the Govt’s schools.

The future prosperity of Manipur depends on the improvement of the existing National Highways like NH39, NH53 and NH150. These Highways have been in existensce for almost 50 years. Of course, the existence of NH39 dated more than .1.00 years since the pre-British days. The existence of these National Highways could not fully serve the purpose of these modern days of modernity and computer age. We need speed to reach, speed to learn, speed to hear, speed to see and speed to do things for are prosperity.

Tamenglong district is the nearest border-land to Assam, of course, Guwahati, the nearest north eastern commercial city(centre). Road from Imphal to Guwahati via Tamenglong is the only alternative best means of road communication which we envisage, will solve the bottleneck of road communication in Manipur particularly Tamenglong district. It is better late than never as the present state Govt. under the dynamic and visionary leadership of Shri O.lbobi Singh as the Chief Minister has come out with clear and correct policy to bring Manipur closer to the capital city of the country. If he continues to rule the state for another decade at least, his policy to bring closely knitted Manipur regardless of caste or creed will bring fruits to the people of Manipur for better posterity and prosperity.

The recent declaration the Hon’ble Chief Minister made at Tamenglong in the Orange Festival i.e. on the 12th December, 2010 has given lots of hopes to the people of Manipur. If the BRTF people are put on the job, the works would be translated into reality during the stipulated time.
The Central Govt’s acceptance in principle for conversion of the following:-

1) Road from Bishnupur to Haflong via Rengpang, Khongsang, Tamenglong and Tousem into NH53(A) and
2)   Road from Kangpokpi to Haflong via Tamei, Tamenglong and Tousem into NH39(A) tc link with Super Highway(NH54 Lumding to Silchar) be implemented in reality.

In no time Manipur would be brought much closer to the capital of India that will only ensure speedy development to the people of Manipur. The Govt. who have started its planning and policy is requested to kindly keep on pressuring the Centre to implement it immediately in the interest of the future prosperity of Manipur.

Yours faithfully,
D.P. Panmei,

(Source: IFP)


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