A North East Rape Victim Under Threat to Life


New Delhi, January 15, 2011

A software engineer, working in a BPO, a victim of alleged rape by a friend who promised to marry, has been under life threat for lodging complaint. She was attacked by two men at Motibagh on January 12. Injured severely, fractured on left hand and backbone injured.

The incident came to light when the 26-year-old woman, Manju (name changed) originally from Assam, filed a complaint with police against her friend, Shivalik Ghosh whom she met through matrimonial website. She alleged that Shivalik Ghosh seduced her to his home at Gurgaon, intoxicated and raped her. A rape case has been registered in Noida Women Police on December 3.

“Since then my life has been under threatening to withdraw the case against, otherwise face consequences,” says Manju.

According to sources reaching to North East Support Centre & Helpline, says that when Manju went to Motibagh to look for paying guest room on January 12, two men, allegedly believed to be hired by Shivalik Ghosh, attacked her between 8.30 and 9 PM.

“They came in bike, wearing helmets, mentioned Shuvalik’s name, kicked and punched me,”says Manju.

When she was lying on road, police patrolling van picked her up and took to Safdurjung Hospital, where she received medical treatment.

“Latter I was taken to Dhaula Kuan police station and submitted my complaint in written,”says Manju.

On third day, Manju went to Dhaula Kuan Police station to collect copy of FIR (First Information Report) and found that the complaint was not registered.

North East Support Centre & Helpline has appealed to Mr. HGS Dhaliwal, Deputy Commission of Police for Southern Range Delhi and Mrs Suman Nalwa, Additional Commissioner of Police for Crime against Women Cell to look into the matter. Assurance given by both police officers, but until filing of this report, no case is registered against culprits and no security provided for Manju.

“There has been huge concern about complaints being registered in police stations. In almost every case, we had to approach higher police official to pressure on police officers on duty to perform their duties. There must be a serious directive to police personnel on duties from higher police officials,” says Madhu Chandra – Spokesperson of North East Support Centre & Helpline.

Manju has been running to different police stations, seeking safety of her life and legal action to be taken upon her rapist. She is worried about her own life.

The Press release was sent to us by North East Support Centre & Helpline (www.nehelpline.net) is a joint initiative of various human rights activists, social workers, students, journalists and lawyers seeking to prevent harassment and abuses meted out to North East People and tribal communities of other states.

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