Night landing begins at Imphal Tullihal airport


IMPHAL, Jan. 15: With the successful completion of the final trial run for the introduction of night landing at Imphal’s Tullihal Airport on January 13,  Air India has begun operating its night flights from tonight.
Following the triumphant completion of the long running assessment to facilitate night landing, Air India Limited, Imphal, had yesterday informed that an Air India flight (3213) had successfully trial-landed at Tulihal Airport at about 6:30 pm. while another flight departed for Kolkata at about 7 pm. on the same day.
Initially though, this facility has been extended to the national carrier Air India alone with the flight for New Delhi-Guwahati-Imphal sector landing at 5:45 pm. confirmed to land from today onwards.
It must be mentioned that the process for the upgradation of Tulihal Airport to an international standard has been progressing with the acquisition of the surrounding areas for expansion and the installation of security posts at strategic locations.

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