Transporters send reminder to MHA on National Highway 53 repair


IMPHAL, Jan 8: The Transporters and Driver’s Council has on January 7 sent a representation to the Union Minister (Home Affairs) as a reminder of the various open commitments that the government of India have given to the people of Manipur relating to the improvement of road condition of the National Highway 53, which the people of the state have already identified as a convenient and people friendly life line of the state in the face of frequent disturbance like illegal bandhs, highway looting etc created by hostile elements at the NH 39.
The representation signed by the general secretary, TDC has appealed to the union minister to provide his supervision regarding the issue of development of the NH 53 at the earliest possible before the setting of Monsoon in the month of June.
It has maintained that the people of the state have already resolved and started to use NH 53 for the transportation of passengers and essential commodities for the state instead of NH 39 which has totally become unsafe and expensive due to the frequent disturbances created by hostile elements.
It has further asserted that since the said NH 39 passes through only the territory of Manipur and Assam, which is quite friendly and free from frequent illegal bandhs, various modes of hostility/highway looting, etc, the council has on numerous occasions approached the government of Manipur and the union government for making free flow of vehicular traffic on NH 53 (Imphal-Jiribam Road) by improving the condition of the highway.
It has further complained that inspite of the numerous commitments from the government to the people of the state no authorities or agencies particularly the BRTF have taken or shown any visible /feasible actions/steps. No personnel and machineries of any agencies or BRTF- which had given open commitments for repairing the NH 53- are seen till today on NH 53, which has caused serious concern for the people of the state as the time for the repairing and improving of the said highway is running out past with the approaching monsoon which is expected by June every year in the region.
It has further requested the union minister to look into the issue and instruct the concern officials and authorities to start the necessary repairing and construction of the said highway as immediate as possible. Some feasible steps and visible actions of construction and repairing of the said highway shall certainly appeased the down trodden people of Manipur from raising any further displeasure and hostile resentment, it added.

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