Jiribam madrassas found abandoned by teachers


JIRIBAM | Dec 26 : In the year 2010, a total of 150 part time teachers were appointed by the government to teach five general subjects at 30 Madrassas selected from different parts of the state, for the purpose of advancing Madrassa modernisation.

Upon inspection by a media team, at the Madrassa schools of Jiribam, it was found that none of the teachers had been coming to their Madrassa. Some caretakers of the Madrassa, which were not appointed by the government, expressed that the Madrassa schools do not keep registers to mark the attendance of the teachers.

Teacher of Darul Ullom Madrassa, Sonapur, Md Abdul Jolil said some of the teachers sent by the government used to come initially, but had stopped coming altogether for a long time at the school, which has around 70 students.

He said that there are no teachers’ attendance registers kept at the Madrassa, and they are usually kept at the possession of the teachers themselves.

The classes are being maintained by the few who are still running the school. He further appealed the concerned authorities to look into the matter.

Alia Madrassa at Kashimpur which has around 63 students was found to be facing the same issue. Teacher of the madrassa, Abdul Tamit said the government had appointed teachers for the madrassa but they also had stopped coming after sometime.

A supposed teacher of Al Madrassa Tul Bannat, Kashimpur, Jiribam said on the phone that it had been a long time since any of the appointed teachers came to take classes at their madrassa.

What came as a surprise is that on December 7, before this investigation was being taken up, Mohatmim (Headmaster), Al Madrassa Tul Bannat, Kashimpur, Jiribam, MV Abul Kalam had denied the allegations made by chairman, WAQF Board Manipur, Md. Fajur Rahim that the teacher of Al Madrassatul Banat, Kashimpur, Jiribam, Md. Arshad Ali had been found absent for two years.

Source: Imphal Free Press


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