There is nothing more important and valuable than health: Jayantakumar


KANGPOKPI | Dec 26 : Minister of Health and Family Welfare, L. Jayantakumar Singh formally inaugurated Primary Health Sub Centre (PHSC) of Hengbung village today, after seven years of establishment in the village of Kangpokpi district.

The inaugural function was attended by the Health minister as chief guest while Kangpokpi DC, T. Ranjit Singh and director of Health and Family Welfare, SMD, Dr. K. Rajo Singh attended as functional president and guest of honour respectively. It was also attended by SP of Kangpokpi district, M. Pradip Singh and other officials of the department.

After unveiling the inaugural plaque at the PHSC Campus, the formal inaugural function organised at Hengbung playground which began with a gospel hymn from Hengbung Youths.

Speaking at the occasion, L. Jayantakumar Singh said that there is nothing much more important and valuable than health and exhorted the people of Hengbung village to take care of their children health more than anything else.

He also assured to provide sufficient medicine and other medical items through the nurses at the PHSC while giving his commitment to send doctors at the sub-centre at least once or twice a week for the welfare of the people.

The minister, however, said that without the collective participation of the local people nothing will be achieved even if the government exert tremendous efforts for the upliftment and welfare of the people. He also urged the people of Hengbung and its surrounding area to render their service and cooperation towards the government so as to witness changes in the health sector and other areas as well.

Ranjit Singh said that with nine sub-divisions, Kangpokpi is the largest district which could be the fastest growing district in the state with the collective participation of the people in any sector. He also said that except Champhai sub-division, all other eight sub divisional offices in the district will be made functional very soon.

Former minister and chief of Hengbung village, Haokholet Kipgen has appealed the concerned ministes and district administration to remember Hengbung village in any developmental projects and schemes of various concerned department as the people of the village are mostly unaware of any governmental schemes or projects.

The ministerial teams also visited KVK Hengbung and its various activities under FEEDs. Before leaving the village, the health minister had a Christmas lunch along with the villagers at the campus of FEEDS, KVK.

Source: Imphal Free Press


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