‘Women of the state have excelled in all fields’


CHURACHANDPUIR | Dec 12: Social Welfare and Cooperation minister, Nemcha Kipgen today observed Nupi Lal Day as part of the Thanksgiving cum Advent Christmas function with the widows of Churachandpur district and Sadar Hills, Kangpokpi district held at Lajangphai, Churachandpur, organised by Widows Welfare Association Asia (WWAA).

Addressing the gatherings as chief guest, minister Nemcha pointed out how the Manipuri women played a significant role in the society since times immemorial. She stated that Nupi Lal Day signifies the importance of Manipuri women in the society.

She further stated that women of the state have excelled in all fields and have a key position in social and economic activities of the state.

She exclaimed, ‘Let us all have the sacrificing spirit and courage which was shown by our ‘Imas’ during the Nupi Lal in 1939’.

Nemcha encouraged all the widows present in the function as well as other widows in the state to actively participate in uplifting the socio-economic conditions of Manipur and their own through various skills they are gifted with.

‘One should be economically independent in order to move forward in this fast developing world’, she encouraged.

Highlighting the various schemes and welfare programmes under her departments, the minister called upon all the women to avail the schemes meant for them at the right time and also urged them to give awareness to other deserving people.

Nemcha lauded WWAA for their selfless service committed for the welfare of the widows and all the women, in general. As part of the event, shawls and blankets were distributed to the poor and needy women.

Source: Imphal Free Press


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