Armed movement caused by oppression of innocent people: RK Meghen


IMPHAL, Feb 21: The chairman of the proscribed UNLF, RK Meghen has stated that the armed separatist movement prevalent in Manipur has evolved out of the oppression of innocent people carried out by the Indian forces.
RK Meghen stated this to media-persons today while he was produced before the special NIA Court at Guwahati along with other top leaders of UNLF including M. Joy, S. Rakesh, M. Ibohal, M. Landhoni and Maniton.
He further maintained that the Government of India does not have any policy for having negotiations with unarmed organizations, but it has been negotiating with various armed organizations.
The UNLF wants solution through democratic means and this has been supported by United Nations. The people have to play vital roles in bringing solution through democratic means, Meghen enjoined.
He also appealed to the people of Manipur to stand united and form a unified force regardless of caste or community to crush all external influences.
The leaders of UNLF were produced before the special NIA court today after the NIA has submitted the charge-sheet against 19 leaders of the outfit.
Only six of them were produced today while the rest of 13 members of the UNLF will be produced before the NIA court on March 7.
On the other hand, the bail application for M. Landhoni will be heard on February 28.
Meanwhile, a large number of people from Manipur, Assam and Mizoram numbering about 200 held a demonstration today near the complex of NIA court at Guwahati. They shouted slogans such as `We want plebiscite`, `UNLF not waging war against India`, `Chairman Sanayaima and other members of UNLF are not criminals`, `They are defenders of the right to self-determination of Manipuri people`, `NIA should transfer Sanayaima and other cases to Government of Manipur`, `We want permanent peace in Manipur` etc.
A release of People for Self-determination of Manipur also said that the UNLF is not a terrorist organization. It is just fighting for the right to self-determination of the people of Manipur which has been deprived by the Indian government by forcing the then Maharaja of Manipur Budhachandra to sign the merger agreement in 1949.
The organization also demanded plebiscite through which the lost freedom of Manipur can be restored. 


  1. Bit of a jumble their from Mr Meghen. The Indian Armed forces are clearly guilty of war crimes in Manipur that is why General Singh refuses to allow the repeal of AF(SP)A, otherwise he too might be standing trial. But Mr Meghen can’t have it both ways. Either he has been forced into acts of violence or he is a peace loving democrat who wants to use the sole legitimate weapon of the ballot box.

    What would be just is for Mr Meghen and General Singh, the gang rapist murderers of Thangjam Manorama and all the other perpetrators of violence to stand trial for their crimes. Everybody in Manipur knows the truth but none speaks it. Ordinary decent people work to survive. The rest get rich and do no work.

    People like Mr Meghen and the other 40 so called insurgency groups, all you have being doing is raping and pillaging your own country. Along with the paramilitaries you are the violent thugs who spread fear in Manipur. You people are a bit like spiderman or other comic book protagonists. You change a uniform, put on a mask and carry on doing the same job.

    Even if Mr Meghen is given his plebiscite if he doesn’t get the result he wants he will just claim that the people of Manipur have forced him into greater violence because they won’t listen to those who use legitimate peaceful means. Only Manipuris avail themselves of such moronic arguments. And I have a good idea of the Lawyers he has advising him.

    They don’t want an end to the violence. They don’t want to restore Kangleipak to greatness, they are unfit to use that Name. They would rather it became a dustbowl and no one had it then it let it prosper again. Either way Mr Meghen, Shri Ibobi and the other insurgents esteemed ministers army officers and thugs can still get rich and powerful.

    I will come and live here as soon as AF(SP)A is repealed. I am a simple man and I prefer simple choices. If nothing else Manipur oftens people of integrity a simple choice. I’m so glad we have this chance to get things straight between us from the start. You are the ones who are afraid. You are the ones who need guns and to be surrounded by cronies with guns. We are not afraid of you.

    The EU have begun development funding for Manipur. But who do they choose to implement the projects; local Manipuri NGOs because otherwise they will be accused of neo-colonialism, insisting on white men’s standards of accountability and professionalism. The NGOs that aren’t pure fronts for men like Mr Meghen or Government ministers or just plain old fashioned gangsters are run by bog standard vanilla corrupt self-seekers who live it up on the backs of the working classes of recession hit europe or the dalits and tribals of the slums of Delhi and Mumbhai.

    Men of violence like Mr Meghen and General Singh, the parasitical NGOs, and the mockers of Human Rights, the Manipuri Human Rights Activisits like things the way they are. General Singh gets to play soldier. And the insurgents like Mr Meghen can thrive on the fear. And everybody makes money.

    Forget Meghen and the plebiscite. Repeal AF(SP)A and let a mahatma once again show you how to liberate a country. Of course you will murder Irom Sharmila Chanu you slimy two faced cowards. Kanglei sent her not because you deserve her but because you need her. But you cannot rid this land of Irom Sharmila Chanu. Men of violence have no power against a mahatma who lives the truth.

    Oh what do I get. I get to marry and live with a mahatma. I find happiness. I live and die a free man. Don’t knock it if you haven’t tried.


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