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Divine Connection was formed as Christian rock band on the 30th  sept 2004 and made its début in dream café  Kohima which was sponsored by Life pro. 

It went on to win the MTV’s “Rock On” reality Rock Music show in 2011.

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Initially it consisted of five members with:

Vocal: Obed Kath 

Guitars: Zakie

Keyboard Ruth Nukhu 

Drum: Yanpo

Bass: Mhathung Odyuo

 Later on Zakie and Ruth had to leave the band cause of personal reasons. For the for first two years the band was confined to playing locally. In dec 2006 the band collaborated with Joey Woch on the guitars and Neisakuo Noudi on the keys and participated in the first ever Hornbill National Rock contest and came out winning second. Obed also bagged the best vocalist. Soon after, the pair had to leave to pursue their own profession as music teachers. Joey is a full time music teacher in Dimapur and Neisakuo is teaching piano in Delhi.

 Right now the band is experimenting with different genre of music. The first album consists of a blend of rock, jazz, funk, NU metal and modern rock.

 On 27th June 07 Aseu (who also begged the best guitarist in the hornbill fest 2006) joined the band. Unfortunately after exactly after one year with the band Aseu after getting married discontinued with the band for some personal unknown reasons. The band has performed in and around the state, Manipur, Shillong, Delhi, Nongpoh, and just recently played at the roots festival at dimapur etc.. The band has also released its début album on the 11th of july and hotel Japfu Ashok. 

All the members are all committed to pursue music full time. As of the moment only Yanpo has a regular job and work as a private advocate in Kohima. Among the band members Obed Kath is married and has a son who has turn two this year. The objective of the band is to promote positive music. They believe that young people can enjoy good music without indulging in sex, drugs, alcohol and violence. It is also a Para church and believes in Testifying the love of Jesus whenever and where ever possible. Till date the band has worked with youths in collaboration with various churches around the state and some neighboring states as well. The band is open to any programme’s and shows relating to social and humanitarian cause.
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