Living in a Digital World


by Kajal Chingsubam, Class X, Little Flower School, Imphal Digital world is a new world! The new digital era has made its indelible mark in the modern world. Ranging from digital signature to digital imaging, from processing to digital banking, no doubt it has made life easier for a modern living. We have changed the way we relate, communicate and do business. The new digital era enables us to ignore space and time, to communicate with people from other continents as if they live next door, to do business with people in other countries, to study in any university in other countries and yet live in India, to acquire whole new perspectives of life, have friends online over night and much more. We have seen the growing use of digital lifestyle technologies in homes, schools and colleges, work places, on the streets, in cars, in trains and in planes – every aspect of our daily life has been altered by the new digital world. Digital expansion is rapid with explosive surge of broadband growth and soaring mobile numbers. A research estimate 93% of Indian urban families has mobile phones placing themselves ahead of Japanese households with 89% having it. As a result teenagers reflect the global trends with regard to their study, career and relationships. There is a sweeping change in the lives of teenagers. The virtual world plays an important role for the younger generations. Today teenagers prefer an online computer to TV, Radio and Magazines. They use it for IM (instant messaging), information, e-mailing, entertainment etc. The major implications of the digital era cannot and should not be ignored. Teenagers are to be on their against the misuse of these technologies. They should frame plans for future, ensuring good and maximum utilization of the available digital technologies. The future of the nation depends on the digital savvy youth of today.


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